Hot Latin Girl that's an Otaku? Eh?!

check this out:

i had no idea they existed. did you?

btw, what’s the song in this video?

Saint Sieya is very popular in Latin Ameica.


It’s defiantly a dude.


uhh vids go here

and :hitit:

my bad. looks like there’s really a section for everything. i’ll create another one over there.

Just ask a mod to move this for you.

Checks Profile

Says you’re creating a thread. Looks like I’m too late. :confused:

hahaha!! i’ll keep that in mind too, next time.

Not seeing the ‘Hot’ part of your topic but thanks for sharing?

Smh at people finding the need to create a thread over an average latin girl liking anime.

SRK posters have some funny tastes.

shed be hotter if her teeth weren’t all jap wannabe…

Thread backfired :rofl:

Shes not that pretty… actually. You must not watch alot of latina porn…

Try putting in ‘caramelldansen’ in the search for youtube…You’ll then realize how the hell you didn’t stumble across this before.

An Asian girl could do what she Mexican’t?

Looks have nothing to do with a persons likes…

you obviously haven’t seen many latin otaku have you…there’s much better.

She’s not.

…that went well.

i think you guys are right. what the helll was i thinking? i just think latin girls are the hottest (just the ones that are hot) and seeing one that liked anime and shit, i was really shocked. i think i really used the term “hot” very loosely because i got too excited.

i guess meeting a kim kardashian look-alike/otkau is wishful thinking. sorry to have bothered you with this fellas.

btw, thanks for the song title. i’ve honestly heard it everywhere but had no clue what it was.