Hot Men Thread Vol. 3

Welcome all to …well to my knowledge Vol.1 of
"Hot men" thread for SRK men lovers

The Rules Are

  1. Post any men you like
  2. No Porn/Pron (dunno what that means I dunno if it was a typo), no kiddie porn
  3. No sexual acts, or nudity please as much as I like half naked men
  4. If u Quote pics please remove the tags
  5. …basically all of the rules from the hot girls threads
  6. Do not come in here bashing and being a buttface, if u do we will assume u are on the DL!!! or just an ass Absolutly no playa hating or gaybashing is allowed in here

**The Mods rules

if you want to post a pic then please DO NOT put a image link/hotlink of a pic from a pron site. just simply right-click that ish and save it to your cpu THEN post, but you can link in a image that is not from a pron site ex. your own web page.

Also, if you don’t like what somebody posted because “her boobs are too big” then please pm that particular person. thank you.

Here are some sites to use for the peeps that dont know how to post photos: (IMO easiest to use)

(If you want to post your own pics but don’t know how then go HERE)

try to make your post of pics as thumbnails if possible.
also, if this thread reaches/passes 500 post it will be closed then another “vol.” must be started so dont go crazy when this thread closes.

and a word of advice, “when in doubt then don’t send it out”.


edit: For Broadband Users: to help you view the pics

  1. lower the amount of post that you see per page (the lowest you can go is 5 post). to do that go to your User Cp so you can change your options.

  2. or just let your CPU load the page to a certain point and then press stop. go to the # of the post that you have’nt seen click it so it will upload that post by itself. it goes way faster.

i could post 5 pics per post and it’ll still kill 56kers so at least try that out

Most asked question: “what is her name?”

it goes like this, if you find a post where there is no name in the title of the post or within the post then that means that i/ poster dose not know her/their name(s). just like you, i want to know/ wish i did know her. if you come across a pic and you know the particular guy’s name then please post it, or even better, ask all your “what’s her name” in this thread HERE.

please try to keep all of those questions in that thread. thankx.

If a mod needs to edit…then go for it if I missed something u guys.

So I will start with my sexy man/ Husbandy Casey Skinner


By the time this thread reaches Vol 2, the “New Hot Girl Thread” will have reached Vol 684. :rofl:

well duh because the majority of this forum is men


Fujita Rei he’s french/japanese he got them sexy lips

Don’t know who this is but DAMN papi!

It’s pretty obvious you like effeminate men BunnyHead. :rolleyes:

I’m always bashing women who finds those men ‘sexy’ or ‘manly’.

You talked about Fujita Rei sexy lips…yep…sexy lips you find on girls normally. :rofl:

Anyways, I’m gonna countribute to the thread (eventho I’m a man to) AND I’m gonna get flammed by other guys…predictable.

Well, who cares ahah.

Here are men I don’t think women should fall for. By pure randomness…they all happenned to be asians:

And here are what most of your thread should consist since it’s a MEN pic thread:
The best for last, I just had to do it.

^FYI I love all kinds of men

but u didnt read the rules I see so I’m really really assuming your on the DL

P.S. Yamapi is hot stuff I don’t know what your talking about
…and um Fujita Rei looks like a guy
Lee Junki looks to much like a female and I dun know who the crap the other dood
anyways Ima keep it movin

Chace Crawford (Da eyes Da eyes:pray::pray::pray:)


Actually, this thread should be volume 3…

wtf? dang thas from 3 yrs ago

welps fair is fair Mod can we edit por favor?

Can anyone post some great examples of style (GQ, jrock, rock, etc etc) since it does make us more attractive? Thanks

You should be able to edit the title.

EDIT:r:Go Advanced.


Thank u Papi!!!:woot::woot::woot:

feel free to post pics of Allen Middleton…
I mean, im not gay but, Allen is one sexy dude.

…U can do it lol!

hey fistofryustar here is uruha
I hate visual kei but

Lenny Kravitz

Wentworth Miller

and one more of my husbandy Casey:sad::sad:

yea i meant something that a real person could wear ha ha. visual kei or should i say fans of it who wear jrock stuff on the street is pretty cool. visual kei itself for the big band guys in girly dresses, well i cant develope my style from that

More Ben Cohen hotness!

God damn would love to take that horesy for a ride.

You will NOT put Lenny Kravitz in this gay thread. He is a god amongst heterosexual men even with feathered bangs, no homo.




Another DL brother we have here on SRK
read the first post dammit we will not tolerate stupidity and player hating up in here because you will seen as a downlow brother

Allen Iverson


lol me and my sis and bro made him this doll:lovin::lovin::lovin: