Hot Redhead On Trial For Espionage

Facebook Profile of the chick in question:

Anna Chapman | Facebook


Well if you are going to send spies, might as well make them hot.

<insert obligatory corny spying on her joke here>

The article I read failed to mention that the Black Widow was involved. Humph!

Just saw this on the news, this chick had a youtube channel where she’d blog about finance all part of her cover. Russia are denying it

What secrets does she want for a lay? I got some US secrets I can make up for head too.

Tony Stark could not be reached for comment.

lol i saw sumtin on her on the local news. her lawyer is jokes nigga said “she doesnt look like a spy”…well no shit thats the point of a spy.

lol@black widow comments.

Mother Russia! Gief likes!

Didn’t bother reading the article & went straight to the pic links…Very nice!

I’m with Curry on this one. How could they have missed the Black Widow reference? It was literally the first thing that popped into my head.

has a young jennifer aniston look to her. Bet Pitt would dump jolies ass like a tonne of bricks to get all up in that russian spy backside if he could.

Doomed to fail from the start. Hot Russian Redhead as a spy? In America? Mad fellas trying to get in her panties and they’re surprised that her cover was blown? Chances are that wasn’t the only that got blown.


Scarlett might be getting replaced in Iron Man 3

Damn ff8fan not only do you like FFVIII, but you had to beat me in posting this story.

I’d hammer her with my sickle, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.


Yeah they watched way too many spy movies. I guess they thought that she would look far too hot to do something as smart as being a spy. Also she her seductive qualities could lure how out of “sticky situations.” (pun intended)

Damn, I wonder what’s gonna happen to her in prison…

^Anything and everything bro, anything and everything…

Well she’s not getting her way out of a “sticky situation” involving me…

Molotov Cocktease

Are we talking about Angelina Jolies new movie?

Male chauvinism.