Hot Shots Golf Out OF BOUNDS aka THE SERIOUSNESS...the thread

i just picked this up and i never thought a golfing game can be so addicting…anyways…ayone wants to shoot some rounds send me an invite.

I also picked it up today, still haven’t really played it, but I’ll get you added and maybe we can hit the links for a few rounds :slight_smile:

I might pick this up because I heard the online was done really well, with a home-esque lobby type deal and avatars. Also heard you can have up to 50 people in a game (or maybe it was tournament) which seemed quite cool.

yo…i added you. i’ll be on tonight around 10 west coast time if you want to play

yeah the online mode is pretty cool. i played in a 45man tourny last night and i got 4th with -7 (only 9 holes though).

ive been trying to find a store with it but everywhere i got its sold out

i hope to get it soon though

I didn’t see this thread, but anyway Saotome Kaneda and I have the import version, so if anyone is down to play Minna no Golf 5 just mention it.

Oh shit, rainy Friday night and nothing to do. Are you guys still playing beginners courses because I hate that shit. American Golf scene is so gay when it comes to playing. I guess you guys can add me.

i got the NA release. i should’ve gotten minna no golf though because the voices are probably better (or at least, not as bad). i been trying to beat the single player mode but some of the later tournies are really hard.

The Castle Links are probably the hardest. I’m down to the last two characters to unlock. Did you buy Gloria? She’s basically top tier and will destroy the rest of the game for you.

wait till I get my ps3 back

I will destroy you all

American Golf servers are ass. Just FYI. Apparently, I saw Novice Character only tournies tonight and they were only allowing standard club and ball.

I’m up for some online Hot Shots.
My gamertag is the same as here on SRK.

i just got this and i’m unlocking stuff. hit me up for some games. i’m free for the most part. (no job)

I just ordered this game so I’ll be down to get decimated pretty soon.

PSN: lux_

I tried the demo.

I can’t play advanced swing mode for shit. The standard affair is the same as always, and I can handle that.

It is a fun golf series, I spent a lot of time playing some of the earlier games in the series. Not sure if I am gonna pick this one up though.

Real Shot is actually pretty easy to use and a lot better than Traditional Shot.

Yes, I am sure it is better. There is usually an upside to using a more difficult timing scheme.

I guess if I bought the game I’d take some time to see if I could adapt to it.

You actually get more accurate shots and you get more yards on your drive.

anyone wanna play?

just wondering if people still play this? i just got back into it…fuck sfiv :crybaby::crybaby: