Hot teacher force to resign due to past bikini photo


Damn principal must be gay for firing the hottest teacher in that school. I sometime wish I was a teen again and be in some of these situation the student face nowadays like having a hot teacher. I would get hard in Mrs. Sprauer class than go home and jack off to her racy bikini photo.


Jack off to her nudes instead cornball.


How did they find the photo?


She showed it to her students. By show I mean brag. By it I mean them.

She also knew the terms of her employment but decided to model anyway.


Nude or bikini I jerk off to both.


Ah. Well, that’s dumb and so is she. Presumably, she modeled under a different name to protect her professional identity.

This is like Bruce Wayne popping up somewhere, showing a bunch of people the Batman mask, and saying, “Cool, huh? Just don’t tell anyone, okay? That would REALLY blow my cover.”


I applaud the school for preemptively taking care of this potential child rapist before she had a chance to scar some poor kid for life.


Would like to see the legal justification behind this besides “bad publicity”.


Lol USA.


Too hot to be teaching at a High School in Florida anyway…


Do people actually find those absurd photo shopped pictures hot? Not an inch of her body hasn’t been touched by photo shop, her goddamn biki looks like it was photoshopped on. So boring.


She got caught, she was reckless for doing what she did and got caught for it.

It’s one thing to be an attractive teacher in a school, but it’s another to impulsively advertise that attractiveness on the internet where everybody can find out. These weren’t pictures in a Sears catalog or vacation photos at the beach.

She should’ve chose straight-up to be a model or teacher. Scandals up the ass are popping up about student-teacher relations, and this doesn’t help matters.

I don’t have anything against her though, maybe she can teach at a private school if they’ll have her. She’s attractive and educated, I’m sure she’ll find success in any future goal she sets her sights on.

Immature Note: I’d still smash though… :stuck_out_tongue:


lmfao. 'murika


Lol, probably got fired for refusing to do give the principal a blowjob.


eww look at her stomach overlapping onto her thigh

1/10 would not bang


Got a source on this? If she really did show it to her students then it sounds more than a little suspect behavior and she deserved to be fired. But if she tweeted it and then the students happened to see it there this seems a bit excessive.


WTF is this photoshoped shit?


you wack, your supposed to jack off on her


School ending and have lovable students so show class picture of you in Bikini.
Who knows what she would do during Finals if she remained a Teacher


you know she wanted a gangbang with her class