Hotdogs & Poprocks! ~ Skullgirls GD x 3!

So the last thread hit 100 pages and I usually start a new thread after that. Here you go.

For all your questions and answers please refer to the following thread:

Questions & Answers Thread

Started this 2nd thread for you guys since the last one was a wreck. The important portions from the last thread will be pieced together by Chibi in his FAQ.

Also, I’ve decided that if there are MAJOR streams for the game going on at some time I’ll go ahead and link it in the main topic since a lot of people seem to check the main topic. That way the stream can get as many views for SG as possible.


  • No Flaming
  • Refrain from going off topic
  • This is only for General Info. Keep the designated info in its rightful thread.
  • Enjoy

We’re in the final stretch, hopefully the game drops by the end of January. Here’s to hoping!!!

-Tha Hindu

I can’t wait for SCR and the Plainwheel developer video. It is a gametrailers exclusive right?

[details=Spoiler]We are so totally going to run through 100 pages again before the game even comes out.

finds a comfy spot and sits[/details]

2 more days till SCR!

so much matches on stream

hurry up, days.

Hotdogs? Poprocks?


Saturday - Second stream:

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 10am-11:45am
Tekken 12:00pm – 1:45pm
Mortal Kombat 9 2:00pm – 3:45pm
Cosplay Contest 4:00pm – 5pm
King of Fighters XIII 5:15pm – 7pm
Skullgirls Top 8 7:15pm – 9pm
King of Fighters XIII: 5v5 9:15pm – 10pm

oh good, its tomorrow

thanks D:

I just got an e-mail from Sony today, saying that I haven’t spent anything in my PSWallet for over six months.

Fuck off, I’m saving it for Skullgirls. lulz

In case you hadn’t heard, that’s a phishing e-mail.


Th-- thank you so much Based Ravidrath…

I’m Duckie, and I approve this thread.

I also approve of Valentine… very much so, in fact.

Good luck to the people competing at SCR! Let’s get some hype going for the game!

What’s phishin again…

It’s fishing, but instead of fish you go after stupid people :rofl:

Yush! Hoping for some really great matches and for everyone to have fun at SCR. I’m setting up the stream on my buddy’s big screen and we’re gonna watch all day with popcorn and soda! XD


P.S. If anybody gets the chance to film and interview, please do so to get some more player impressions :smiley:

Valentine footage this weekend right? HYPE!!

SCR and WNF is why we need teleportation devices.

EDIT: Also:

sadlife I won’t be able to watch the stream because of work. It’s never the same watching a tournament in an archive. =(

Haven’t actually seen footage of this game in a competitve setting (y’know, for cash and all that) should be exciting

So many videos!!!


Yeah, I get shit like that all the time from people claiming to be with Blizzard. The big hole in their plan is that I’ve never even played WoW, let alone been a subscriber.