Hotel Booking Information for EVO

Individuals attending Evolution/MLG events are to call the Reservations Office at (866) 782-9487, and identify themselves as attendees of Evolution 2005/Major League Gaming. In order to receive the group room rate, a credit card must be provided and charged a deposit of one nights room and tax at the time of booking. Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa will take reservations for the Major League Gaming group until July 22, 2005, After that, this rate is not reserved only for EVO/MLG players, and may sell out. So book your room now!

The rate is $139 a night. You must be over 21 years of age to book a hotel room in Las Vegas, but you don’t need to be 21 to stay in the room.

A few things to add:

1.) It’s best to book as soon as you can. As some of you may know, Las Vegas does hold a lot of conventions. You can take my example as a lesson: The week I wound up getting married happened to be “Convention Week” in Vegas, as well as the start of March Madness and all kinds of other goodies. Hotel rooms tend to be taken up rather fast. Coupled with the fact that there will be around 500-700 participants and audience members? Book now, beat out other SRK’ers, TZ’ers, MLG’ers!

2.) It cannot be stressed enough on how convenient it is to have an event like this in the same hotel you are staying at. It saves up on travelling costs (gas), time (wasted on driving, waiting for people), and footwork. You don’t even have to go anywhere, since all Casinos have a buffet and several restaurants for you to enjoy! Want to take a nap? Just go to your room for a bit, as opposed to just laying down on a hard floor! Want to eat? Just get your ass to the buffet! Your bodies will thank me later. Need proof of how great this is? Ask anyone who came from out-of-town to Texas Showdown 5, they loved it.

3.) Use the group rate! Rooms without the mention of MLG will cost $169-$199! Think about it… that means more money for food, drink, and gambling!

Let me jump on board with what Javi has said. You can probably save a few bucks staying at some fleabag a ways away, but here are some of the hidden costs:

  1. Convenience. This really cannot be understated. Take a nap, or better yet take a swim (and stare at legitimate poolside babes instead of someone else’s busted cosplaying girlfriend that usually qualifies as the tournament superbabe by default). You also save time (and possibly the price of car rental/cab fare) by staying at the hotel- this can add up, so even if you’re purely focused on the bottom line, be realistic about what it would cost to commute to the tournament every day.

  2. The chance to stay at a genuinely nice hotel. As a longtime tournament-circuit player, it’s hard for me to even put the words “nice hotel” and “game tournament” together, but this is really it. Everyone agrees this place is the nuts, and for these prices, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy yourself both at the tournament and outside of it.

  3. Being able to guarantee the hotel that our players will book a certain number of rooms is key not only to getting group discounts, but also to even being allowed to rent out their ballrooms. While this is something for staff to worry about, the simple fact is that we won’t be able to have EVO at fun hotels or in interesting cities if our players don’t actually stay at the hotel. EVO2K5 is an experiment in stepping up the level of competitive gaming, and we hope you will help us make into a success.

So… if you can, stay at the Green Valley Ranch. It’s convenient, you get to stay where all the action is, and you help to make future tournaments possible.

We appreciate everyone coming out to EVO and realize that some people might need to make some other arrangements, so this is not to villainize anyone who can’t swing with Green Valley hotness. Instead it’s just an effort to make the situation clear so people can make an informed decision and have the best tournament experience possible.


question to anyone who knows i’m rooming with bacardi but he won’t be there till friday if he gives em my name as room mate will i be able to check in without him cause hes booking the room since hes over 21 and i’m only 18

Another question about the 21 age thing. Is it 21 at time of reservation or by the time you check in because I turn 21 like 3 weeks before Evo. Woot!!!

Its a resort not a hotel and if you can find me a hotel for 35 a night i’ll be amazed.

Especially on that weekend.


You can find hotel for that cheap, but only downtown. Far away from GVR, and far from the strip. If you want to stay on the strip, you’ll be paying at least 80 bucks a night that weekend.


139 isn’t bad. About 10 dollars more than it was to stay at Acen (anime convention that was held in the same hotel). Sounds good

You’re smoking crack. Prices on the Strip, per night, during the EVO dates (from

Bellagio $319
Mandalay Bay $264
Caesar’s Palace $235
Mirage $216
MGM Grand $193
New York New York $163
Luxor $161
Circus Circus 101$

Las Vegas people can tell you more about any of these locations, but everyone seems to agree that Green Valley is one of best places in town. The only hotel on this list that’s cheaper than EVO’s Green Valley rate (Circus Circus) is not only far away from the weekend’s main event, it’s also pretty crappy. I actually stayed there myself while slumming at a previous tournament (the event wasn’t at a hotel, so staying at there wasn’t an option) and it was dirty, old, and full of losers and hillbilly deadbeats (those superwhite sunburned dudes wearing nascar tanktops and tight-whiteys in the pool).

A previous thread ended with everyone agreeing the Strip is easily reached from Green Valley (assuming that you even want to go there and ignore the people that say the Strip is overrated/dangerous).

If you share your room with some people, you’re basically paying about 5-6 bucks a night for all the convenience/travel time/travel expense benefits described above, and you also don’t have to stay in a dump.


Umm…Sunset Station. $122 for Fri/Sat nights and it’s less then 10 mins away from GVR. Also there’s Boulder Station, which is 15-20 mins away from GVR at $86 on Fri/$93 on Sat. There’s other casinos on the strip you didn’t mention which are also the same cost or cheaper then the GVR rate.

anyone know how far it is from binions? I found a package online $535 for ticket + 5 nights at binions horseshoe so i think i’ll take that cause the flight woulda been 300 so it’s like less than $50 a night with the deal

It’s downtown. Take you bout 20-30 mins to get to GVR from there on the I15 S.

i found a package for $517 if you wanna leave from NY. it includes tickets + 5 nights at a hotel. But i’m trying to find something cheaper and closer to Evo. anyone know of any hotels around that area?

EDIT: found another package for $414. it includes hotel

Rob, I’m most likely going, and I’ll split a room with you at Green Valley Ranch if you want? I just don’t want 8 million other people all in the room, 1 roommate is more than plenty for me. Oh, and I still have your CD, I didn’t forget. :wink:

LOL i found a hotel about 13 min. away with rooms going for $57 a night

But the spa…THE SPA~!

Congratulations on finding a nasty roach motel in Vegas (“Come for the flophouse, stay for the genital crabs!”). If you’re an out of towner and trying to save money, however, cabs back and forth or the cost of a car rental (+ gas, parking, etc.) are going to eat up a lot of that savings pretty quickly.

You’ll also lose out on the other time-saving and convenient aspects, as well as helping to make sure future tournaments will need to be held exclusively in the boondocks instead of someplace fun.

Anyway, if you ignore all the advantages of staying at Green Valley and stay someplace else, that’s fine, but I’m not interested in having this thread degenerate into people trying to brag about the humiliating things they’re willing to do to save 10$. Keep it to questions about EVO at Green Valley, and not, and thanks and good luck to everyone making the trip.


ok mike, i’m leaving for west coast for a while, when i get back tho we’ll have to get together at break/phi’s something, don’t worry about cd i’ll get it whenever.

personally, i’m using this trip as a trip to vegas and the evo tournament as side thing. hopefully it’ll be set up nice where i can go play my matches, get peaced out, then never have to come back which is why i was prefering a hotel closer to the strip since 95% of the time i’m in vegas will be there compared to the 5% i plan to use for the actual tournament.

Ok, I have a problem. I keep calling the hotel but they are being bitches. They are giving the rate of $149 for the weekdays and $189 for the weekends. It’s fuckin’ bullshit!!! Did they raise the rates or something? I called before and it was $139. I mention that it is for through MLG and also for Evolution. They say they know and they are holding the rooms for them but they don’t have the discount listed here. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!