Hotel Deal question!

Hi guys,

I just checked the Evo2k website and it had new information for the registration and hotel.

However, I’m not sure I understand what the deal is.

Here is the current price for the hotel reservation:

EVO deal:

Weekday (Sun - Thu): $65.00 per day
Weekend (Fri - Sat): $140.00 per day

**Garden Area Standard: **

Weekday (Sun - Thu): $69.95 per day
Weekend (Fri - Sat): $129.95 per day

Island Tower:

Weekday (Sun - Thu): $79.95 per day
Weekend (Fri - Sat): $139.95 per day

So unless the deal is for the Island Tower, it doesn’t sound like a pretty good deal, as it seems it would cost a little over $10 compared to the current rate if staying at the Garden Area.

Can you guys please explain what I’m missing here?


Pretty sure these are for the Island Tower.

Thanks for your answer! I cannot believe I missed that one! :slight_smile:

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go to they have some great package deals… i got mine for less than $600 for 4 days and night flight included. with a stay at the Trop.

That’s great and all but your room won’t be included in the Evo quota the hotel set up so if there’s not enough people who called and reserved for evo specifically, Evo gets canned.

There are advantages and disadvantages to informing the hotel of the group you are with. #1 is the fee hike! Most places will double the room cost if they know you are with a convention. the advantage is that they may give you preference ( nicer room) on a room or they may not. Very tricky.

Well the point really is to do it so we’ll have an Evo to go to this year or the next year. It’s not really a matter of price or what room you get. It’s more so whether or not there’ll be a convention in the first place.

I’m thinking about getting a room so I’ll probably get that together in the next few days. It’s convenient to have your own room to go in and out of and do what u need to do.

We are now getting the paradise rooms, so its even a better deal now. Book now!

Just got my room set up. I got Thursday-Sat. Hopefully they’ll let me in if I arrive like first thing midnight on Thursday. Cuz by the time I get all my stuff off the plane Wednesday night and catch a taxi it should be going on 12 AM Thursday.

of course they would let you in thursday night.

I figured…thanks Wiz.

should you let them know when we arrive that we are with EVO? would that give them credit ?

You are coming in Wednesday night-Thursday morning correct?

Check-ins aren’t available in most hotels until after noon (usually 2-3) of the day/night you are staying.

If you booked on Thursday you won’t be able to check in until the early afternoon on Thursday. You should contact the hotel for a better understanding.

Most hotels will let you check in as soon as they have a room for you, even if it’s before your check-in time. I’ve checked in as early as 7 AM for a 4 PM check-in time before. Midnight on Thursday is really really early though, and I wouldn’t count on being able to get a room immediately. You can drop off your bags and go do stuff for a few hours though, and I’d be surprised if they didn’t have something for you by morning.

Also, you can call ahead of time to check the status of the room, or to let them know you’ll be showing up early. Don’t want to go in too early only to see a unclean mess,sticky sheets.

You could just take a bus or shuttle to the trop and save yourself $20+

Paradise Rooms Confirmed! I just called to double check some information and asked about the paradise rooms. Wizard, you are the man.