Hotel gathering, Raleigh NC, 6/25, SSF4, MBAA, Tekken, others


When: 6/25/10, starting at approximately 6 PM
What: A large gathering of North Carolina players (out of state welcome), $10 entry, which gets you in, gives you a place to crash and if we get enough entries to cover costs, whatever’s left will be used to buy food for the players. Likely, if I just get a decent amount I’ll get food anyway.

To be straight with the whole thing, the hotel for the night, including tax, was $170. This is because of its great location and because the room is an 800 sq ft bi-level “loft”, with up to four beds. The only rules of the gathering will be:

Respect others’ property.
Respect others period.

I will be taking money at the door and keeping a list. Frank the Tank (Matt Frank) will be helping me run this gig, he will cover half the cost of the room. He’s not bad. Pretty solid. Knows his combos. Check out is at noon the following day.

me, Jon (more are welcome)
me, Brandon, Blake
Trykt, me
me, Blake, Matt, Dale, Justin, Austin, the hotel’s
I’m good for ONE copy of everything, I ask that a few of you bring extra Super copies, probably a copy or two of Melty
Bring your own controllers

We will have two HD (virtually lagless) monitors for the PS3/360 games. Everything else will be on 19-27" CRTs. If you plan on attending or would be interested in bringing hardware, please let me know in this thread!


ooh yeah hype!


I’m in on this. Can bring a 360 with multiple sticks, plus regular controllers including a fightpad. Also a CRT.

edit: Fully willing to do what I can to help make this as big and bad as possible. If anyone needs help with transportation or anything you can hit me up, I’ll accommodate as I can.


Yo GDLK I forgot all about that. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t wanna say i’m coming and then not be able to commit but as of now i’m like 75% coming and can supply a CRT if needed. When it gets a little closer to the date i’ll be able to say like definitely yes or definitely no but right now i’m in the stage of “trying to go”. Just have to see what’s going on at the time. Thanks for having the thread on this later, helps me plan out stuff easier.


I’ll be there homieeeeee.


It’s my birthday so I’m probably going to be with family in Winston. Brent lied to me and likes to toy with my emotions. :lol:


lol…well I thought about rescheduling this thing, but I can’t do it any other weekend and it be before Evo. I thought you might even somewhat like us taking initiative and giving you a full break from doing everything :lol:

I also believe I read your PM wrong.

There’s another reason I’m doing this on the specific date, there’s a known Melty Blood player in town for this weekend and he wanted to get in some games with us. I believe he’s from NY.


Good to know i’ll be able to see some high level Melty play… Unless Actress Again really is completely changed from how Cadenza works I should be able to pick it up pretty fast since I played the shit out of Cadenza and React but obviously couldn’t move on without a PS2 since i’ve just been playing PC.


I’m actually highly considering coming to this. I never really get to play casuals with NC.

I could bring a PS3 with Tekken/Super and an Asus 25" monitor.

Or I could bring a PS2 with [media=youtube]jMtsNploCd8"[/media]


Who dis?


Komidol. I don’t know much about the scene up there, but I know he plays with those guys at least.

Justin: awesome. If you can make it, please bring that stuff.

Trykt: Great! I don’t want to have to bring all of my systems and I am probably missing a lot of current 360 updates and whatnot, so bring yours if you can. You don’t have to bring those sticks/controllers, but if you want to do that, I’m sure many would appreciate it.

All of you offering to bring TVs, thanks! We already have about 5-6, but you can bring yours along just in case someone can’t make it. We’ll probably have 6 setups max.

I still need a few more PS3s and PS2s (modded, Japanese or with sm).


Bringing power strips would be a good idea too, seeing as how we don’t know how many outlets we’re gonna need.


Brent. This is late. And uncalled for. I hope you can forgive me, but you honestly walked into this one. I can’t believe that you, a semi-blind person would read a PM wrong. That is absolutely uncalled for for an event organizer.


Your nose should be in a manga and not in my business, Mr. I’m in Japan beasting on the female natives with my mysterious caucasianness

Matt: good call on the power strips, I have one but it’s HUGE. Could someone supply some power strips? If I don’t hear some confirms on that I’ll buy some.


The overall gameflow from AC to AA is pretty much the same, but the mechanics are pretty different.

Also…I don’t think Komidol actually lives in NY he just plays with them.


I’m there. I’d post this on TZ too for the Tekken heads but the site has been down for the past day, dunno when it’ll be back up.


At this point I figured i’d say that i’m almost 100% coming. I don’t know if any of my crew will be with, maybe one other but that’d be it.


I live in my car. Currently my car is in NC, so I live there (somewhere out in bumblefsck by the coast :3). Usually my car is in NJ. I try to be credit to the team.

I’m not a top player (yet), but I am a competitive melty player. Lookin’ forward to seeing the competition in North Carolina since I couldn’t make it out to Final Round XIII.

Unfortunately, MBAA is a lot different from MBAC, but not to the point where you couldn’t atleast pick some easy things up overnight if you were good at MBAC. I’m sure you could check Teamspooky, Meltybread, or a million different sources for the differences, but as far as learning a character goes there’s now three different types (“moons”) of each character. Crescent, Half, and Full-Moon. Crescent is very similar to MBAC gameplay, Full-Moon is completely different, and Half-Moon is somewhere in the middle, where they all have their different technical properties and meter management. Crescent’s and Full-moon movesets for the same character are generally completely different from each other ( with the exception of maybe one or two normals) and half takes from both and usually has a few of it’s own moves as well.

It should be fun for you to try stuff out, like PWS said this is primarily going to be an Evo grind and general gathering, but inbetween I don’t think any melty players would mind taking out some time to show the basics. They’re usually pretty good like that.

See you all at the meet.


Are you going to have NGBC on your 360? If not, I’ll bring mine too. Might be bringing it anyway if we don’t get 1/2 more PS3s.