Hotel Question

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Ok…so heres the deal for me. Since I only have cash and no credit card (im 18 years old), my dad paid for the hotel with his credit card and I gave him cash in exchange. So im going with my brother (who is 24), but my dad isnt coming. So if I just take my dads card with me and show it to them, would that work? Or do they want identification and have the name match the credit card?

I dont see why they would care what card it was as long as they got the money though

If I didnt explain that clearly enough, just let me know and ill retype.

This depends on the hotel. They’ll definitely require that you keep a card on file to cover the remainder of your bill when you check out. Many hotels allow you to switch the card at that time, but they do require a card.

I would call the hotel directly and ask. It’s possible that they’ll let you bring your dad’s card and just use that. If not, perhaps they’ll let you use a pre-paid debit card to settle the remainder of your bill, or even call your dad at checkin/checkout time and have him read off the credit card number and security code.

The best course here is to call the hotel now and figure out how to handle this.