Hotel Rates @ Evo

Words been spreading that Toyota sponsorship has been lost, I was wandering if this will effect special evo guest rates at the Tropicana?

there is a group rate, and should be finalized in the next 5 business days, sit tight!

Any updates Wiz?


:smiley: post those deals !!

LOL, Wiz, I don’t even know why you set yourself up by posting up dates and deadlines…

its all out of my hands, just waiting for the hotel to put it in their computers so they can take the bookings.

Yeah. Trying to find out rates too so I can save up and put back accordingly.

Sticky it whenever you get the chance…I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of threads asking about rates if you don’t.

Would the group rate still apply if only two people were staying in a room?

one more week??


And so it begins…

Get those deals Wiz ! go go go <3

Hotel info tomorrow. I have it now, but i have a question for the hotel , so waiting on that answer.

Thanks Wiz, Ill be waiting :slight_smile:


^.^ * slams credit card on the computer desk and refreshes thread over and over *

Lol surprisingly enough, I’m trying to plan my trip and stumbled here.

In before Wizard posts… which will be in about 2 minutes.

rooms are for the island tower, right next to the venue.

Awesome. :tup: