Hotel Rooms and Evo (You can still get rooms at this rate)

Staying at the hotel of the tournament is a great way to have ease of access and have a place to break during the action from a huge weekend event.

It is also how Evo actually holds events and doesn’t lose money. We have a quota to fill, and if that quota isn’t met, then we take a huge hit and puts the event in jeopardy for next year.

While some deals on the internet might be legit, alot of them are selling the garden rooms to people who book through various sites. These rooms are run down and are in heavy need of renovation. We have the island rooms which are a huge step up from a regular room and located right next to the ballroom.

We only moved it to the strip so that eveyone wouldn’t have to take buses and taxis to get to the strip, but if people aren’t going to stay at the hotel, then we will never be on the strip again.

We hope everyone stays at the hotel that we booked to keep costs down.


Got my room booked on site :slight_smile: will save lots of hassle and its cheap enough. book those rooms people !

Yo. Is there a code i can put in to get a discount because i’m going to EVO? It gives me the option on the hotel site to enter one. Let me know what’s up.

Ahh, oh damn, i think i found it. Haha

Those arriving by plane are still going to have to take shuttles/buses/ or taxis to the Trop. Does the tropicana have a shuttle? I know the airport does (Door No.9, strip shuttles).

If there was an Evo schedule out, it would be very helpful.

How do we know when to book rooms? Do we need to stay Thursday night? Friday? only Saturday? Booking plane tickets would also be easier with a set schedule.

As soon as the schedule is set, I’m going to buy plane tickets and book rooms.

Ask and you shall receive.

anyone driving up from the south bay? I’ll go if i can get a carpool.

3 of us from the UK have booked a deal through a travel site which happened to give us a room at the Tropicana. I suspected the room was going to be rubbish so I upgraded it to a Tower room I believe but it wasn’t that much more so maybe its rubbish too…

In any case, will this not count towards the whole Evo quota?

I’m pretty sure you have to tell the reservation peeps that you want the “evo2k” or “sevo808” or whatever the Evo site said. I booked my room way early and got a decent rate…but it was for a room on the other side of the casino, so I called yesterday to switch to the Evo rate/room. It was $10 more for the whole weekend (Thu-Sun), I think it’s a slightly larger room, and it’s in the same area as everyone else who books with the Evo rate…so it was worth it for me. I don’t know what rate(s) everyone else is getting, but it’s really affordable to go with the Evo rate, and then you’re guaranteed to be with the rest of the gamers (which is a big plus, and can be a major issue if you’re separated from the crowd of loud, button mashing, liquor drinking, gaming dudes).

rubbish! trolly! armour! god i love the uk

So, what are the best rooms to get. I think I got the paradise rooms, but I want the ones closest to the action.

Our whole group is being upgraded to the paradise rooms. It would be extremely helpful if you booked with the hotel to send me a pm maybe wiht your confirmation number and i can get you added to the room block.


Will do when I get home. Thanks a lot man.

So…does this apply to everyone who booked with the Evo2k rate? Like, do we have to tell them to switch it over or is it automatic if we booked under the Evo rate?

Does any one know how the rooms at the Trop are going to be we have rooms booked there. hopefully there ok and not roach motels.

They’re going to be decent. Nothing extravagant…but better than some of the cheaper rooms which I hear are shit.

Someone was asking about credit cards in the registration thread, wondering if they could get a hotel room in time without one. I e-mailed the Tropicana, and apparently if you want to pay by check in advance they’ll take it. I don’t know about money orders/international money orders/travelers checks etc.


hey anyone wanna room me ill pay the divided amount

Totally going to play it by the ear. Anyone know my chances of getting a hotel room anywhere Friday night at the last minute (hopefully close to Tropicana)

I just spoke with a represetnative from the Tropicana…and she told me that today (7/13) is the last day to book with the discounted rate.