HotRod Stick, Please be Critical, Please be Honest


Hi! This is my first post, and of course it is in the Tech Talk section because I am interested in purchasing an arcade stick for the PC.

I have had my greedy eyes on the HanaHo HotRod 2 player stick for a long time, and before adding to cart I wanted to seek the community’s response to it after experience with it.

I have read through and it looks like a lot of the talk is a bit mixed, and it is confusing what exactly is “bad” (input lag) and what isn’t.

I’m not concerned about the x-arcade. Whether it’s great or bad is not my concern bc it is out of my price range, but the HotRod looks cool and it’s well-priced.

I’m going to be playing lots of various games from intense puzzle fighter :slight_smile: and street fighter 3 and SNK vs Capcom. But mainly, I plan to use it for Street Fighter 4, and I want it to be great.

Any user experience similar to my intended use (any HotRod users out there who uses it for fighting?) Thanks for your input!!



For some reason, I thought that the HotRod was no longer availble for sale. I may be getting it confused with some other stick though. If it’s anything like the X-Arcade (I have one), then it ain’t worth the moolah. The problem I found was with the quality of the stick and buttons and could also have something to do with input lag. Remember, this is when hooked up to the PS3 with various adapters…so YMMV. I will say this, once I got me a better stick (sanwa stick and seimitsu buttons), my gameplay improved dramatically.

By the way, I belong to the camp that believes you get what you pay for.


Looks like it uses Happ parts, so it probably isn’t too bad. You’ll probably want to swap out the sticks themselves though for Competition sticks.

Looks like a nice enough case to me, but it sounds a little narrow(24" wide). Personally for something like that I’d like something slightly larger. But it looks like a good deal otherwise. Though, I can’t say anything about their PCB.

Also…does it have to be purple? haha


Last I checked, the HotRod was a PC only stick. Does it work for PS3/360 at all?


The button layout on the HotRod is wack IMO… But I’m pretty sure it uses Happ parts though.


You know you can buy a PS3 Madcatz SE stick for like $70, mod it with about $40 worth of parts and have a better PC stick than any of those other ones. Plus you can use it over a friend’s house if they have a PS3.


Do they even use happ parts or are they using their own proprietary parts? I would check the trading outlet if I were you to see if someone is selling a MAS.


So I had a Hanaho two player stick. Yes, it is very difficult for 2 adults to play on it. You’re rubbing shoulders the whole time.

So I did the next best thing, gut it, throw away all the wood, used the parts to build 2 individual sticks (still building them btw).

As far as the connection, it’s a PS2 keyboard connection. :lame:Only works with PC’s really. I still have the PCB if anyone wants it.

So as a Hanaho arcade owner… SKIP IT. Build your own!:nunchuck:


Oh, and all the parts in the Hanaho are Happ parts.


It was also officially licensed by Capcom oddly enough.


I have a 2 Player X-arcade I need to get rid of with PS2, XBOX and keyboard adaptor… It’s gonna be a bitch to ship though.


Hi, I got one of these the layout is ok, and I can confirm that they use all happ parts, I think the sticks are happ supers and not competition

but everything else seems fine, it might need more room for 2 playes but its no big deal, unless your friends are really really fat :chat:

By the way, my hotrod I originally started experimenting on it and a couple of years back I took everything apart, hacked 2 xbox1 s-pads made 2 boxes and problem solved i could use it on Pc (by hacking controller cable and wiring a usb port to it) so problem solved worked fine on PC and Xbox1 :woot:

Ninja Edit: If i were you guyst I wuould seriusly purchase the hotrod instead of the x arcade I hear horrible stories of X arcade.


…horror stories like X-Arcade using a PS/2 connector and being PC only, like oldschool PC only?

(My mobo doesn’t even have PS/2 ports…)