Hottest male at evo


Too many hotties for an actual poll, so just post your hunk. K Beast is definitely my man.




I got a lil thing for Mike Ross. S Kill said he had a cute smile and I agree


Rico Suave, dude gets more ass than a toilet seat.


No fucking pics?


pics or gtfo


Floe or BB wotsisname the Dudley player

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Seth Killian was dressed to kill at EVO where’s the love at


Hm… tough one…

There’s Ricky who’s always hot with those black nails. Mike Ross with his “cute smile” (S-Kill was all over him, lol) and Daigo…

I’m going with Daigo, he’s sexy in a "I’m going to umeshoryu FADC you into K.O. " kinda o’ way.


Mike Ross. I’m naming my first born Mike Ross. Or Ricky. They don’t call him Pretty Ricky for no reason. He repped this weekend.




According to Seth, Mike Ross.


vangief and afro legends look very handsome on stream, and they look very fit, mentally & physically, lol. no homo


The winner of the HD remix tournament, pad Zangief afroamerican player.


Xie from Melty Top 8

Too Handsome


Daigo is always winning the prize with me. The guy could dress like a bum and look like a rock star.

Tatsu is fucking dreamy though~ seriously. The trap potential is strong in that one. Such a waste~


Wasn’t Obama in Vegas that weekend? Sorry I think he’s got them all beat lol.

Evo only? My pick goes to Diego Benihana, winning tournies with that latino HEAT.


This is a serious thread? Lol.


Why wouldn’t it be serious?


Xie, 'nuff said.