House Delaware: From the Gravel Pit. Words: DYNAMIC ENTRY!



Here’s the list currently under House Delaware (and their Bannermen)

House Delaware (From North to South)

House Claymont:
-Rick Strokes

House Wilmington/Newark:
-Milk Stone

House New Castle:

House Bear:

House Middletown:
-polish chris

House Smyrna:

House Dover
-Nick Nasty

House Milford

House Laurel
-Nerds I View

House Seaford
-STG Jay
-STG two other people (???) (They run gaming tournaments, they are called Small Town Gaming, but the interest in them is super low)

House Salisbury

Beyond the Delaware Walls:
-GoldfishX (Elkton, MD)
-Badstone (Elkton, MD)
-etan.psi (Not sure)
-Angry (Not sure)
-wapostyle (Jersey)
-axi0m (OC, MD)

Delaware Doritos Weekly Compiled Results - UMVC3

Funny, I live in Delaware, and my name is also Nas(Nasir, anyway)

I play:

Soul Calibur
Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3
3rd Strike
Melty Blood


haha that’s crazy… damn well we have a bunch who play third strike… once KOFXI comes on Ps2 in Japan well get that… as far as MVC2…we’re pretty sucky… people have been getting in A3 a little ( well at least me.)

yea i just wanted to shorten it becuase everyone else does ( the name Nastrodamus lol)…

yo hit me on AIM some time at Nastrodamus6… because the 3rd strike here could use improvement… lol

i also want to get good in NGBC

ha and you play tekken nice… we defenitely have play now i just notice that lol…



where ya at DE? lol


Hey all

my name’s Mike, I’m moving up to DE in the next month, sometime around the end of July to early August. My fiance and I are moving to Bear DE.

I play 3S, A3, ST, CFE, and the occasional KOF 2002.

I’m looking foward to getting some games in when we get there.



You’ll be living right between myself and Nastrodamus.


right on, so how many local players are there?


meh lemme me break down…

i don’t of a whole lot of peeps who play capcom games except for 3rd strike…

i know like 5 players in third strike that play and go to tournies…

as far as MVC2- the only cats i know of me and Naslectronical

and CVS2- me and two others in So. Delaware.

and Guilty Gear- it’s about 6-7 players who play…

we started Playing KOFXI and i really want to play some serious comp in A3

it’s kinda small, im sorry i haven’t been on much… working 4-1am isn’t helping much but i promise ill try to be online more often…


No worries at all.

I’m good to go for 3S. I’ve been playing since the damn game came out actually.

as for A3, I think I can give you some of that serious comp you’re looking for…I hope

Feel free to hit me up on AIM: Daidoji Kage

or email

…and I was worried there wouldn’t be anyone in DE to play…:sweat:


cool… ill defenitely hit up…

and Naselectronical… .UP is having their Wristband day on Wed. it’s 7 dollars to get in and it’s free play on all the arcades… so ill be there with my scrubtastic Cable/Cyclops/Sakura team…lol


Sup gang, I’m now situated here in DE. If you all want to jam this weekend, let me know.

AIM: Daidoji Kage


Good times guys,

thanks for having us over.


No probs, it was fun as hell playing both of you. You should try and come around more often. They try to do something at least once a week. I look forward to more matches.


hells yes man… most def… i feels a lot better to know that someone can help us out in A3… and def. knows the whole cast 3s… so now i can get into 3s…btw there are some 3s holics out here but they work graveyard shifts…:annoy:

but yea man ill see what i can do… since we try to do every week…i can see what’s up okay?


where the fuck is delaware!!!


Any chance we can maybe set up for Saturday night this week?


hey mike my bad man… i ran out of minuites… sorry dude… but ill come next time just post on here or im or call me cuse i can easily get to your place by just catching the bus that cost 25 cents lol…

my man shin… it’s underneath pennsylvania sir… just mapquest it or im me sir!!!


yo thanks for coming to the gathering mike… i totally didn’t expect…so im glad that you came… all this third strike… mine as well practice up man… and i wanted to see the v-ism combos you tryin to show me mike but it’s alll good… and wondertonic that was fantastic man… god now going to play lol…


Hey all,

For anyone interested, I’d be happy to give a little brief rundown of Alpha 3 and Hyper Alpha on Thursday night.

I’m not claiming to be a pro or anything, but I can definately show off the basics if you all want to get into it.

Or we can always play 3S as well.:wgrin:

Let me know


hey i work that day and but if i show up around 8 or 9 is that okay?

and A1 Dan seems pretty good…