House Delaware: From the Gravel Pit. Words: DYNAMIC ENTRY!

You need to learn how to play that Marvel game.:coffee:

Your offer is appealing but I don’t seem to have enough time to become barely competent in one game, let alone two!

Marvel is a pretty easy game to pick up for the most part. Unless you’re me, and you decide to play a whole team of Guilty Gear characters…o_O

I hear this one about once a week lol.

In all seriousness though it there anything going on tonight?

We should be meeting up at Kenny’s place. I got a text message from him a bit ago asking who was down for some games. He said he’ll let us all know when we can head over. If anyone needs his address + number, hit me up with a PM.

Hey fellow Delawareans. My friend is hosting a charity UMVC3 tournament for a project. Just posting this in various threads to draw more players/donators. It’s going to be at the GamerDoc in Bear. Check it out!

The more I play KoF the more I like this game,
sorry I couldn’t make it out at Kenny’s but I’ll be around next week for sure.

Viper and I gonna win that TE stick and sell it to the highest bidder. :sunglasses:

Nemesis don’t like music!

Too bad, because I’m about to kick out the jams on his face.

I may actually play in this tournament, get destroyed for free, pull down my pants, take a big shit on my copy and mail it back to capcom.

Can’t wait!

Anyone down to do anything tomorrow? I ain’t got plans.

Are we good on Monday? Hoping to hit up Xanadu this Saturday. Need to make up for 3 weeks of total slacking off.

We on for tommorow. If people can bring setups that would be great. I’m thinking a marvel setup and a KOF13 setup would be good. Also we should do ft3s if we fer more people. I feel we don’t get enough for everyone. So. We on for tommorow. At around 6

Hey everyone! I’m Eric & i’m a good friend of sixshot! Heard about the club so hopefully i’ll come down with him one of these days! Just got into KOF not to long ago and i have it on ps3, so i could def bring my console and controllers! Hope to see you guys soon! :smiley:

Where you guys playing at? I might come by an shout expletives, throw feces at your screens and talk about how I was
once a man!

Worst player: at my place. I’ll pm you an address. And my number.

Good times everyone…good times :slight_smile:


Doht just noticed you said around 6. Guess I could have called too. Next time, granted I’m back to wanting to give up this game after
to losing horribly again to Biz’s 1 button tactics : /

My moniker is truth.

**This Friday!**That’s January 20th for people who are counting.

It’s the Wesker and Bison beat-down hoe-down EXTRAVAGANZA!

The master of psycho power, Biz, will be hosting. You can find him at this address:

8:00 PM (Subject to change, any objections Biz? I also won’t be able to make it until about 8:30.)
63 Long Rifle Ct.
Newark DE

Here’s what we got:
[]House PS3 for UMvC3 but you will need to bring your own stick.
]I will bring a PS3, 360, two monitors, and two 360 TE sticks. I will be running AE2012 on the 360. I do not have a copy of UMvC3 for my PS3 so we will need a disc for that if that system is to be used for that purpose.
[*]Sako combos to ya dome.
If we get 8+ people out I’d like to have one more setup for whatever people like these days.

I heard about this KOF game from Dess, it sounds pretty silly with its hyper hops and shawty hops, but whatevs.

If you are interested in attending and I’ve sent you messages about gatherings before just let me know and if you have not been out before for a gathering at Biz’s place send me your cell number in a PM so I can add you to my “mass text list” as I will be sending out a reminder sometime on Friday. The more accurate a head count I can get the better so I know what to ask people to bring if we need an extra setup.