House Delaware: From the Gravel Pit. Words: DYNAMIC ENTRY!


@etan hell yeah that jump back tech, gay as hell but it makes it all the more satisfying when TNA (Team Nina Asuka) finally gets a hold of you. My team is unable to be gay, simply due to how sexy it is when it works.

@Boog I pity the fool who pities others because life happens. I also pity the fool who eats a 1/4 lb peanut butter cup…I brought that as a joke.

@Cosmic there’s a special hell for people who steals another man’s snacks…

@Nasty good to see you man, come on down again and we’ll do some teams in sfxt.

@GFX Hairy

@Everyone heading out to the tournament tommorrow, good luck and try not to be salty…dissapoint is fine but not salty.


There is something to be said about the naivety of a man who leaves his snacks unguarded 3 weeks in a row.


also with six shot rolling with me. cos are you rolling with me on sunday as well?


Suuuuuure. What time should I be at your place?


Dynamic Entry! stealing your unguarded snacks when you Drop Everything!


Results for the second weekly are posted:

See everyone Sunday!


Dawning Realization! You guys that steal snacks and beg for tea are poor as hell!

DE Thread name: Bitch get your own damn tea! There’s a friggin WaWa less than a mile away!

WaWa…top tier food and drink place for munchies.

Dcent getting caught with pringles…heh, just as planned.


<<<Says Scroog McStingypants…“MY TEA…NO TOUCH MY 7GALLON TEA!! NOT EVEN WITTLE BIT!!” shut your pie hole wang chung O_O
Anyways its time for BBATTLE BBY BA BRIDDGE!!! SO MANY "B"S THAT YOU CANT SAY IT WITHOUT MAKING A FACE LIKE THIS PICTURE!! And DE Shall Represent! muhuhhahahaha…swag


Its $2.19 for a half gallon or 3 for 5 bucks…I’ve gone to WaWa mid gravel pit for a snack and tea run, why can’t you?

Anyway, good luck to you guys heading out…mind the buffet, fried chicken might be delicious but its greasy on your fingers and a lead weight that makes you sleepy.

If you lose after eating fried chicken you aren’t salty…your ass is breaded.


I’m actually too lazy to leave and get tea + snacks, tbh.


Spoken like a pad player, next week I’ll pound you down with my hazama…yknow now with combos.


GGz to all that came out to Battle By the Bridge Fools Bout where Boog won the Marvel side of the competition… Was nice to see all of Delaware step your game up for this tournament and that we’ve gotten better as a whole. I’m looking forward to Gravel Pit on Friday & and Biz’s on Wednesday to further develop my game.


Maybe my Bang will be up to speed by that point. But spring break is over so I don’t know.

Good shit to everyone that came out yesterday, as sixshot said. I need to stop being a burden on the DE scene. Also, here’s the brackets for the different tournaments. I’ll probably just make a results thread as well.


Double post because I can.


Never a burden man, hell I got bodied too. What’s worse is I didn’t even try in losers. I gotta get my fangs back in these games.


You are also not playing a team that is potentially the best in the game…

That being said, I see your point. At least I tried lol.


post this on the results thread lol


No matter I’m an egotistical pricks who believes he can surmount his characters issues with shear ingenuity. Just think how lowly I must feel to realize I’m a mortal


My characters are immortal. Unfortunately, my thumbs are not.

Not yet, anyway.


45 pages we in there!