House Delaware: From the Gravel Pit. Words: DYNAMIC ENTRY!


Notice to all DE players:

I went and booked a room for Civil War, Friday, Sat and Sun nights (non smoking double bed, yay). I’m not 100% sure if I am going, but there is no charge to cancel the reservation and I wanted to grab a room with the discount rate block to keep the option open. For all three days, it is about $210.

Let me know if you are interested in going. I can drive and I would ask to share hotel costs and some gas costs. My plan is to drive down on Friday morning (check-in at 3) and drive back on Monday. Drive is about 4 hours from DE, 3 and a half hours from my place.

Inbox me or talk to me tonight if you are interested! The sooner the better. At this point, I am 50/50 on going down there, but if people are interested in going, I need to know ASAP.


i’m def comin out tonight, i’m bringing a monitor, xbox, skoolgurlz, and umvc3. and anything else if you guys wanted me to bring other games, i got most of em.


so i’m gonna have to extend it to 8 right now. so come by around 8. so errands i have to do. but i’ll be able to do so afterwards.


I was kei-napped half way to you guys by some woman…beginning to go through a slight amount of withdrawel. I miss you guys…no homo

next week freedom will be represented



He got frame trapped by his girlfriend.


Results from the Doritos challenge are up in the compiled results thread:

All I have to say about my performance tonight is the following.



I really like Task/Dante/Doom, tbh. Keepaway makes for good times.


Surely skull girls was played last night…thoughts, comments, concerns?



Its a good game, it takes a little time to get used to but with a printout sheet for movelists available you don’t fumble around figuring out whats what. Sixshots was dying when he played because of the animations, Valentines supers especially.


Skullgirls was played last night and despite it not having a command/move list, but shotouts to Angry for printing out the move list…

thoughts its a fun game it takes a lot to getting used to… It’s like marvel and KoF wrapped up in one game thats how I can describe it.

The combination of animations and Angry’s commentary are what make the game really fun last night…


Sorry I couldnt come last night guys, hope it was a blast as always…i was repping gravel pit on the dance floor to the ladies tho thats for sure :wink: lol…aww shit Six steppin up the charts from last week!! Six i better see shuma flowing up to the top 4 next week!! Gfx I definitely wanna goto civil war, even if I cant play (lack of funds)…but well see…Im off friday but I sadly work monday so it may conflict with your plan to leave monday :confused: . so idk


ggz last night. ^.^ and good shit to hitman and dcint


Valentines super reminds me of Gens U1


In honor of the weekly dorito battle (and for sixshots comment on xfactor) I’m gonna add an additional prize for the winner:

The winner will get a packet of cherry Kool-Aid for popping that xfactor and going “Oh Yeah!” to the competition…

Oh, and the 1lb peanut butter cup will return…be not of salt but always have butter at hand.


Valentine is easily my favorite member of the cast from character reveal until now. :slight_smile:

I’m using Filia right now in 2nd slot, but it seems like it’s gonna take some work for me to get used to her. My baby V though is sooo much fun I’ll worry about the others later lol.

One of the best things about this game is that you can learn the matchups sooooooooooooooo much faster since the cast is a sane 8 ladies. :smiley: (I’ll still buyany additional ladies they put out of course)


play more skull girls folks


I gave up on skull girls as soon as I looked at it.

#2445 anybody O-o?


i’m gonna run parasol and valentine when i get a chance to play it.

But marvel is so fun though…


Goin to the lab today, as soon as I get more oil in my car -_-


Me n Dcint Running a First to 5 in SFxT (yes that hooorrible game)…
I think we got to 4-4 and it stopped recording lol


so anybody interested in playing today? i actually working on a Task team and TOD with Task ( i mean of course it’s not just task but basically task does most the work) All i need is a third or some synergy with them. so anybody wanna play today lemme know. I mean marvel only becuase i haven’t got my school girls copy yet.