House Delaware: From the Gravel Pit. Words: DYNAMIC ENTRY!

Oh. :frowning:

I have a monitor I can swing by with + PS3 if need be.

Do people in DE actually play KOF13?

I don’t think so. . .but the game is mad hard which is probably why I am addicted to it lol

I’m down for Monday. I’ll be by. Have to work on my Zero (which I basically haven’t practiced since mid-December).

@Ninja…Yeah, I can see KOF being up your alley. It actually looks half-decent, but I can’t follow what is going on in videos. Looks like there’s like 4 different types of ways to cancel moves and stuff. Watching Raiden matches from the arcade version is awesome though.

I’m also using Zero in Marvel too which is funny lol

By Evo, Zero will dominate this game. Maybe sooner if the alpha counter shennigans are as powerful as I think they are. I need to work on my shadow combos tho.

By Evo, Viper will dominate this game. And I will be a part of the swarm. :sunglasses:

How’s Viper gonna got a campy Zero out of the air? Just like any other great ground-based character, she’s not, especially if that Zero can tech air throws. Same reason Spencer isn’t top 5 in this game, despite his buffs, mobility and overall strength.

Also Zero is a legitimate answer to Wesker. That is reason enough for people to learn him.

Well for one, if you’re playing Viper, you should always have Dante or Strider on your team anyway, so those assists solve even the worst AA problems. For normal jump height, she has seismos, and for super jump height, she has Burning Kick. EX Burning Kick stuffs anything Zero can do.

I actually might be able to come by for a monday session once. Send me a text with your address if you don’t mind. I don’t have a monitor, but I have a 360, a dual modded stick, and 360 stick, if any of it is needed lemme know.

I will play KOF whenever wherever, street fighter I still play regularly, but I really wish we could get a KOF scene going in delaware I love the game. Let me know I’m down to play online or offline. Brian(Wondertonic) plays a little KOF but I think he has been busy lately. Gionne(curakill) is the only other guy I know who is really interested in the game, but hes on vacation at the moment.

Well I’m showing up at Nas’ tonight for sure. Bring your KoF cause i haven’t even unlocked the characters and only really know 1.5 characters and that’s not saying much. I’ll be there around 6 or 7 like usual. . . .

I’ll just bring my set up(don’t have a monitor). I am by no means amazing at the game but I play a decent amount of characters, and understand what I am supposed to be doing…now just doing it in match all the time is going to be the tough part lol.

I’ll be there with a monitor.

Man I’ve been hella rusty with Ultimate, been busy with work I’ll probably drop by and watch whats going on.

thanks for the usual get togethers KoF looks like the truth… when my gf gives up the xbox I can get some lab time in.

Thanks again to Nas for hosting, happy i was able to make it out to a monday session, good to see everybody, and meet the people I haven’t met before.
GGs to everyone I played. If anybody wants to play KoF during the week online, my XBL tag is: Dessleh MKIV

I need more marvel practice, sorry if im not too receptive to helpful tips, I just don’t trust myself enough to deviate from the way i play the game(which is terrible by the way) just yet.

You almost made a post without saying “KoF”. Now no one is going to read it.

I’m somewhat inclined to take a longer look at KoF, but I have the same fear I’ve had with any SNK game: That there isn’t going to be much of a scene for it later on. That, and I’ve barely had time to dedicate to my main game (marvel) and none to dedicate to my side game (SFIV). It looks like an interesting prospect down the road though. Better than Capcom X Tekken, anyway.

Speaking of which, I may have found something broken with Wolverine by accident the other night, but I need to test on human opponents. And I’m happy to see Firebrand’s unblockable demon missile actually gives him somewhat of a threatening move. Seems to work nice with Cold Star assist. We good for Monday?

Yea Monday is good. Is anybody down for some games today?

I might be able to show up tomorrow but I open on Tuesday so chances are no but we’ll see what’s good

sorry guys,but do to some unforseen things going on with the fam. I’m afraid imma have pass on fighting games tonight. I truly apologize