House Delaware: From the Gravel Pit. Words: DYNAMIC ENTRY!

It’s all good, Nas. Hope everything pans out for the best.

I own the game, but haven’t put any real time into it yet due to being a 100% crackhead addict for Umvc3. (despite thinking KOF13 is amazing!!!) If there is a scene that can tolerate people who are 100% newb material to the new game (used to play KOF for fun prior to the 2k stuff), then I’m down as long as we can get something scheduled that I can get out of the house and not mess with my work schedule (630-5pm mon-thurs and raaaaaarely friday).

I’m also very much looking to get outta the house for some offline leveling in Umvc3, and hope to get to one or a million of these sessions. I’m in the middle of the state (milford) if that helps. I’m of course down for online stutff to pretty much any time, but I really want to get to something offline too.

Friday/Saturday are the best days for me, Sunday is good too as long as it’s not very late (work the next day), depending on time I can probably make it out to something during the week if that’s all that’s available.

xbl tag: Kamukix

Umvc3: Cap/Spencer/IronMan (main)
KOF: Kim/Kyo/??? (my favorites in the series for a loooong time)


Added, I’ll send you an invite if i see you online, and im playing

Anything going on tonight? I don’t know how to play that Marvel game but I may be able to make it out with an AE setup.

You need to learn how to play that Marvel game.:coffee:

Your offer is appealing but I don’t seem to have enough time to become barely competent in one game, let alone two!

Marvel is a pretty easy game to pick up for the most part. Unless you’re me, and you decide to play a whole team of Guilty Gear characters…o_O

I hear this one about once a week lol.

In all seriousness though it there anything going on tonight?

We should be meeting up at Kenny’s place. I got a text message from him a bit ago asking who was down for some games. He said he’ll let us all know when we can head over. If anyone needs his address + number, hit me up with a PM.

Hey fellow Delawareans. My friend is hosting a charity UMVC3 tournament for a project. Just posting this in various threads to draw more players/donators. It’s going to be at the GamerDoc in Bear. Check it out!

The more I play KoF the more I like this game,
sorry I couldn’t make it out at Kenny’s but I’ll be around next week for sure.

Viper and I gonna win that TE stick and sell it to the highest bidder. :sunglasses:

Nemesis don’t like music!

Too bad, because I’m about to kick out the jams on his face.

I may actually play in this tournament, get destroyed for free, pull down my pants, take a big shit on my copy and mail it back to capcom.

Can’t wait!

Anyone down to do anything tomorrow? I ain’t got plans.

Are we good on Monday? Hoping to hit up Xanadu this Saturday. Need to make up for 3 weeks of total slacking off.

We on for tommorow. If people can bring setups that would be great. I’m thinking a marvel setup and a KOF13 setup would be good. Also we should do ft3s if we fer more people. I feel we don’t get enough for everyone. So. We on for tommorow. At around 6

Hey everyone! I’m Eric & i’m a good friend of sixshot! Heard about the club so hopefully i’ll come down with him one of these days! Just got into KOF not to long ago and i have it on ps3, so i could def bring my console and controllers! Hope to see you guys soon! :smiley:

Where you guys playing at? I might come by an shout expletives, throw feces at your screens and talk about how I was
once a man!