House Delaware: From the Gravel Pit. Words: DYNAMIC ENTRY!

Worst player: at my place. I’ll pm you an address. And my number.

Good times everyone…good times :slight_smile:


Doht just noticed you said around 6. Guess I could have called too. Next time, granted I’m back to wanting to give up this game after
to losing horribly again to Biz’s 1 button tactics : /

My moniker is truth.

**This Friday!**That’s January 20th for people who are counting.

It’s the Wesker and Bison beat-down hoe-down EXTRAVAGANZA!

The master of psycho power, Biz, will be hosting. You can find him at this address:

8:00 PM (Subject to change, any objections Biz? I also won’t be able to make it until about 8:30.)
63 Long Rifle Ct.
Newark DE

Here’s what we got:
[]House PS3 for UMvC3 but you will need to bring your own stick.
]I will bring a PS3, 360, two monitors, and two 360 TE sticks. I will be running AE2012 on the 360. I do not have a copy of UMvC3 for my PS3 so we will need a disc for that if that system is to be used for that purpose.
[*]Sako combos to ya dome.
If we get 8+ people out I’d like to have one more setup for whatever people like these days.

I heard about this KOF game from Dess, it sounds pretty silly with its hyper hops and shawty hops, but whatevs.

If you are interested in attending and I’ve sent you messages about gatherings before just let me know and if you have not been out before for a gathering at Biz’s place send me your cell number in a PM so I can add you to my “mass text list” as I will be sending out a reminder sometime on Friday. The more accurate a head count I can get the better so I know what to ask people to bring if we need an extra setup.

I’ll be bringing UMVC3 and KoF X13 for 360, but I won’t be there till after 9pm or so

yo wapostyle add me to the text list il pm you my #. Im in there on friday.

I plan on being there as well. I’ll be committed to running my day 3 Wolvie all night, no matter how bad he gets mauled. Need to learn those ranges.

I’ll be there too, spreading that Captain America freedom, PM’ing my number to be added to the text list


Me and my improved Viper team (Viper/Dante/Strider) will be there. Bye-bye Vergil and your non-synergic self. Now that I actually have screen control (hi there Vajra and Weasel Shot), it’s time to kill people.

I like that idea…Both Viper and Dante can convert off Vajra OTG if opponent is staying in the air. I thought of doing similar with Spencer, but I prefer Tasky as anchor. Anchor Vergit though…still scary.

Edit: You’ll have plenty of chances to test that theory against Biz’s Zero. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anchor Vergil is definitely scary, but a main team for me has four requirements:

  1. Must be ideal for Viper, first and foremost.
  2. Must have Dante on it.
  3. Comprised of characters I like and enjoy playing as.
  4. All three characters must be strong anchors.

Viper/Dante/Vergil fulfills all requirements but the first, which is the most important. Anchor Vergil is hella scary (probably one of the best anchors in the game), sure, but more often than not I find myself losing because he doesn’t mesh well with Viper/Dante. Individually it would be fine if I had a better assist to compensate, but that team is only GDLK in theory. He was becoming a Wesker-factor, where I would be like, “Meh, okay, so I lost two characters. TIME TO SOMEHOW DERP MY WAY TO VICTORY!” Viper is my point character, so I want people to fear her. People were more scared of when she died and I was left with Dante/Vergil + XF2 than actually dealing with Viper herself.

This is what swapping out Vergil for Strider gets me:

  • More damaging BnBs (856k with one bar omfg!)
  • Ouroboros
  • Vajra assist (fullscreen control)
  • I can switch Dante to Weasel Shot for better rushdown, and still keep my unblockable setups on incoming characters (though they’re a little easier to avoid)
  • Less derpy anchor (100k less health, higher execution, etc.)
  • DHC’ing into Legion is balls

Decision speaks for itself lmao. I’ll probably put together a Vergil team somewhere down the line for fun (Maybe Vergil/Dante/Strider again, I dunno), but he’s not coming back to my main team.

I thought Vergil’s one assist (the beserker slash one) would have been better than it is, but it drops him right in harm’s way. Maybe one idea would be to run Vergil first and Viper second (with Seismo assist)? This would give you a good OTG assist to use with him…I’ve seen combos using Wesker to hit all kinds of crazy stuff with that charged blade he has (look at a Winrich match). I figure Viper would work similar.

Look at the combo in this “epic” match at about 1:44.


Food for thought: Viper as anchor?

Yeah, I guess I could do that, but then the team is more about how I do with Vergil, rather than Viper. I like Viper more than Vergil, and she’s scarier when she’s on point. And plus, the only assist Vergil would have to help him get in is Weasel Shot. Again, not ideal.

And Viper on anchor is still really good, but point Viper is the best spot for her.

So tommorow how is this going down as far as rides? I can drive down there and Andy as well. If anybody wants to go just hit me up on cell. I would Prolly leave around 10-11 am so we can casuals in with dem Maryland boys.

I might be bringing a friend. So I have about 3 seats if needed. Also I can’t come tonight cuse I have to work :frowning:

Argh, I was hoping you were good now due to X-mas ending. Sorry dude.

damn, looks like i’ll have to settle for waiting until monday gtg at Naz’s place


it’s all good biz, i work from tues-fri nights… also i’m still offering rides for anyone willing to go to xanadu in the morn. so hit me up if you are down.

So xanadu may out of the question since this snow is fucking it up will see what’s up, but I doubt ill be taking my car.

Yeah, I had enough issues getting home last night/morning, I pretty much said fuck it today and went back to sleep. Wasn’t worth the risk.

For anyone that’s ever driven on I-95 in a snowstorm at night, it’s kinda like driving on the moon.