House of Cicada 2 - 1.16.10 3v3 Team Tournament Results

1 Team Always Bet on Black - Keno, Mike Ross, Combofiend -
2 Team Bum Hunters - Evil Elvis, OnlineTony213, Hugo101
3 Team WTF - Kai, Ken-I, Yeb
4 Team West Coast - Nima, JoeDubbs, Bryant the Tyrant
5 Team RTSD - James Chen, UltraDavid, Alex Valle
5 Team Three Kings - Combojack, ShadyK, ClakeyD
7 Team Ching Chongs - Tatsu, MOVAL, Somuchdamage
7 Team AZ - Mr. SNK, JaeronMerc, Juicebox Abel
9 Team United Nations - Shizza, Slick626, Fuson909
9 Team Navi - Warren, Infinism, MYK
9 Team Wikipedia - UTJ, VicTheSlik, UmeShoryu
9 Team SNC - XBlades, Zillgrinds, TemjinAlpha
13 Team NASCAR - Nasir, ???, ???
13 Team Pacific Sunrise - Ironfist, Dragonite, Shiningsoul
13 Team Korean Countryside - Paro-Da, DJ Divine, Flogg
13 Team Fuck Projectiles - StarSlay3r, Destruct1ve, Rm
17 Team Play For Shots/Drunken Masters - Cicada, NAMMMM, waldo98
17 Team 2Girls1RagingDemon - KMS951, Aireen-chan, Chris
17 Team Kush - C-Money, Miles, Richard
17 Team Xstacy - Bmarq, Blaqskillz, ???

Brackets Here:

Preliminary matches are available on my channel [], Top8 Matches will be posted in HD on YouTube in the coming weeks.

Team AZ va Team WTF:

Team AZ vs Team United Nations:

Team AZ vs Team West Coast:

Team Bum Hunters vs Team WTF:

Team RTSD vs Team Ching Chongs: **
Team Three Kings vs Team Always Bet on Black:

Team Three Kings vs Team Ching Chongs: **


First, i’d like to thank everyone who came out to support the event and the cause – all proceeds from the house fee and in-house raffle were added to the total raised so far for Dasrik’s family. I think we are nearing the $5,000 mark including the donations that are sure to roll in in the coming days for the online raffle for the MadCatz TE-stick prototype.

I’d like to thank our sponsors,, who supplied us with much of the trick equipment we needed to set up our stream, head-to-head setup, and big-screen for the spectators, as well as MarkMan @ Madcatz for supplying us with copious amounts of giveaways and raffle items. The winners each received a Round 2 or MvC2 TE stick. We also raffled off a Comic-Con TE stick, a FightPad, and some nifty TE stick keychains w/ the allen wrench.

@ HoC Crew - Frank for running an awesome stream yet again. Walter & Mike for helping run brackets and round up the teams when it’s time to play. and Walter again, for cooking all the food and helping buy up the things we need to make this happen.

@ AZ Crew - for taking the time to drive out and support the event. Good stuff.

@ Nam - for making sure everything is kept neat, and for organizing the donations and raising a shitload of money for dasrik’s family.

@ James Chen, ShinJN - for providing commentary & emcee services. I think commentary for tournies should be Top8 only. you dudes work way too hard and that shit is not fun to try and do for the entire duration of a tourney.

@ Warren - my OCD one-man cleanup crew for the last 2-3 events. <3

@ all competitors - thanks for coming out to play. congrats to everyone.

@ all attendees - thank you for keeping things neat and respecting my place. Continued behavior like this ensures that more will happen in the future.

@ Everyone at home who watched the stream - I think we picked up over 1,600 viewers and were at over 1,000 for pretty much the entire time. Thanks for watching, and there will be many more :wink:

lots of people that i’ve forgotten, but i will definitely be updating this post as people come to mind.

My thanks goes to…

-Firefold and MarkMan of MadCatz for sponsoring the event
-Cicada for allowing us to hold the event there
-MOVAL for helping set up and assisting with the brackets
-Shingin for running an awesome stream
-James Chen, ShinJN, and UltraDavid for providing commentary throughout the entire night
-Alex Valle for providing 2 set ups to use for the tournament
-Nam for helping with the donations, a setup and being my drinking partner for the night
-Team AZ (Mr. SNK, JaeronMerc, Juicebox Abel) for making the 4 hour drive on the same day to SoCal and driving back home a few hours after the tourney ended
-Team Always Bet on Black (Keno, Mike Ross, Combofiend) for winning that fight money and eating all of the chicken wings
-All the SoCal participants and homies that made the 1+ hour drive out to MoVal and essentially doing an all nighter.
-Team Kush and Navi for whooping my scrubby ass in SF4
-Remy Martin VSOP and Crown Royal for being so smooth and tasty

Hype tourney Bryan, really turned out great on the stream. Great work to all of HoC crew!

I want to thank you guys for throwing this, easily the classiest house tourney I’ve ever been to.

I hope you guys come down to AZ for Devastation.

cicada: awesome stream man. it was fun to watch. can we possibly get names with all the teams. i cant even remember who was on what team. if not, its all good

good idea – i’ve added who i can remember :slight_smile:

Thanks Cicada & crew for everything!

Can’t wait for the next one!

Thanks you Cicada for welcoming me into your home. Glad that the AZ guys came down, too bad we didnt get to play. Thank you Markman for the stick once again, always looking out for us players. Thanks to all the competitors, you guys are whats going to make us level up and someday beat Japan.

PS…I apologize for not having the impromptu beer pong tournament, the 3v3 ran way later than expected and I don’t think anyone was in the right mindset for another tourney, hahaha.

Right mindset for another tourney? :stuck_out_tongue: I missed the losers finals and the grand finals passed out asleep on the couch! :stuck_out_tongue:

These tourneys are always crazy, but a night of SF is so much fun.

First off, biggest thanks to Steinmania of the Box Arena for the ride there. My car’s been making strange noises lately and driving it for 6+ hours total probably would have been a very bad idea. Just wish you could have stayed and played all night.

Thanks to Kai and Ken I for letting me team with them at the last minute.

Special thanks to Kai again for all the SF advice. It was slow to sink in when I was that tired, but you’ve given me a lot to think about and I really appreciate it.

And of course, thanks to Cicada and all the organizers/sponsors for hosting and making these events awesome.

Shout outs to team AZ making it, Hugo101/OnlineTony for leveling up so much, and Keno for being better Gen competition than Jibbo ever was.

Yeb, your play is amazingly consistant, your execution seemed flawless. Nice job sending me to the drawing boards trying to figure out how to answer it.

I hope to play you in casuals some day. It was an honor being bested by you.

Some Footage Of The Place


Some Footage Of The Place



Thats a sweet house…looks like a ton of fun

got quite a few videos – will be editing them and putting em up soon :slight_smile:

Hell Yeah Yeb…Ur Gen Is Always Entertaining to Watch…Pleasure Playing U Man…

We Should Team In Da Next Future Team Tourneys…

Online toney, you were mvp of the tourney imo. Your seth is nuts.

:cool: Thanks Alot man…
I Always Try My Best…:nunchuck: