House of Cicada 2 - 1.16.10 3v3 Team Tournament Results

Tony, when I first saw you there, I didn’t think you were even an SF player. You should travel and make money money matching people who just wouldn’t know any better. I’ll be your agent.

We travel to a popular arcade, you walk up to the machine and go “Oh hell yeah Street fighter! I’ll whoop all mf’ers in this sh*t.” and when people say to jump on, say “I only play the home version, cause I can play that cheap character no one can beat, the boss guy. How you gonna beat the boss of SF?!” Then begin the process of sharking them out of their hard earned cash.

I have a vision. Lots of monies. :stuck_out_tongue:

This will definitely work Tony. Do it! I’ll be your entourage

Tony already does this.

He tricks me into entering 2-man tourneys with a $1,000.00 entry fee. Last time he beat me with an N64 pad! It wasn’t EVEN PLUGGED IN!


Got couple vids up lastnight :slight_smile:

updating first post w/ links

Great vids,thnx Cicada.

Added AZ vs WC :wink: i know people wanna see that; given the stuff that’s been going on in the pacific forum :stuck_out_tongue:


R U DRUNK AGAIN MUTHA FUCKA??!!!??? :lol::lol::lol:

Yeah I Get That Alot…PPL Think I Suck Just Because The Way I Dress/Look…Whatever…They Always Say They Can Kick my Ass in A Game…Until I Fucken RAPE them n stuff…LMAO!!!

Thats a Funny Feeling…lol

hmmmmm…money??? lol

When will the finals be posted?