~House of Cicada SUNDAYS: SoCal/IE 909/951 SSF4 SESSIONS~

Hey guys; Im finally (almost) settled in to my new place, and im hoping to host my small gatherings/casuals on Sundays, HOPEFULLY weekly. Since it’s a Sunday, it’ll likely be in the afternoon 'til 10-11pm.

**Next Meet: **
Moreno Valley, CA

Setups & TVs:
Bring a monitor or setup if you can!
3x 23" Samsung 1080p LCD [lagless]
32" 720p Panny Viera [lagless]
[media=youtube]_eKGrZaiF8E]Vid 1 / [Consoles:
Only one PS3 and 360, Bring your own Consoles and Sticks please!

It’ll be all SSF4 Training.

Seedy’s vids

and my vomit inducing vids – like i have parkison’s or something x_x

I will hopefully start streaming the sessions for people who want to watch [if you can’t attend, or if you just want to watch] – Past sessions are available in the On-demand library. Thanks, Frank! :slight_smile:

**respect my place, keep it clean (take those dirty ass shoes off :p) and no drama **:slight_smile: Post up if you’re coming and if you’re bringing someone so i know about how many will be there.

Later on or coming into a tourney, I will likely cap the number of people so that we can get some real training going.

**Info/Address/Directions: **
by PM or tweet me @bgateb (https://twitter.com/bgateb)

are you going to wear the purple thong for the half-time show this time?

i’m most likely in but i’ll be showing up towards later in the afternoon/early evening


i’ll take that as a yes! :pray: :pray:

Why does my silly LAN have to be that same weekend. Bummer! :tdown:

Have fun guys!

95% chance of going

i been looking forward to it for a long time

bring therest of the gang with you :smiley: in case they dont see this post.

oh yea, i have 2 xbox 360 sticks (which you know Cc). I could bring my Xbox 360 is nobody else brings one

:pray: there’ll probably be only a handful of people, so im guessing 2 setups is going to be enough.

can i bring booze?


yum yum

bringing the good shit?

u and ur friend are comin out, right? :smiley:

I find out Friday if I can go or not… Here is hoping work is nice to me and lets me get the day off…

i’m trying to cut back on drinking :sweat:

:smiley: let’s hope – either way, unless you work nights, you should be able to make it

im thinking mid-late afternoon (4-5pm maybe?) til midnight, or before if people have to leave/work; i work the next morning at 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Well work was ahead of schedule and I actually got the day off! Here is hoping nothing else comes up hehe.

Can you PM me your address?

sent. :slight_smile: remember it’s next sunday, not this sunday :smiley:

Haha yup. The 28th correct?