House of M - Can someone explain something please?

While I was waiting for my wife to pick me up after work yesterday, I walked over to the local Boarders Book Store and grabbed a House of M TPB and started reading it. I liked the story and the art was pretty damn good too, but something threw me off towards the end.

When Wanda proclaimed “No more mutants”, why did some of the X-Men still have their powers? I believe the White Queen could still communicate telepathically, and Cyclops still had his optic blast. I thought she complete eradicated the mutant gene in everyone?

Jesus Christ. 28 views an dnot a single person can answer this question? Sano old buddy, where art thou?

The X-Men at the scene of the disaster were protected by Doc Strange’s Magics. As for the rest of the 190-something mutants left, I don’t think it was ever fully explained. I always kind of took it as the limits of Wanda’s powers.

It’s one of those questions that will destroy your sanity if you think about it too much. You either gotta just roll with it or throw your hands up in exasperation.

Here’s my predicted Sano answer (he can correct me if I’m off by a word or two):


Zeph covered it except he forgot a laughing smilie. :stuck_out_tongue:

M121akuma also.

I’m off from work for about 2 weeks so my net access is a bit limited. Downtime to attend the NY Anime con and catch up on freelance assignments. I’ll be around to mod and stuff but sometimes I’m gonna let things like this slide and hope someone else comes along and answers. If whatever, you can always PM me and I’ll respond when I can.

If you read the New Avengers story right after that, you find out that she didn’t even get rid of the mutant genes really, just crammed them all into some poor bastard, who goes berserk across America.

thanks for this bit. I’m going to go pick it up right after work now.

I don’t think it was so much the mutant genes getting shoved into a poor bastard as much as simply the transference of energy of all the mutants who lost their mutancy. The story about that is in the New Avengers: The Collective TPB. I don’t think it’s very good, though. Probably the weakest thing Bendis has ever written, and the shoddy art doesn’t help.

That whole notion about the energy that resulted from the world’s mutants losing their powers has also led to a major story in the X-Men books. It starts with the story X-Men: Deadly Genesis and continues through Brubaker’s Uncanny X-Men run. That’s actually an excellent read.

There was one other story that had its genesis in the “No More Mutants” energy as well. I think it was Jeph Loeb’s and Rob Liefeld’s Onslaught Reborn miniseries. This one is probably the most essential and influential comic book ever crafted in the entire history of sequential, pictorial storytelling - it makes ancient Mayan hieroglyphs look completely useless. If you read Onslaught Reborn, I don’t think you’ll ever have to read anything ever again because, quite simply, it is the sum of all enlightenment.

joephisto did not want all those mutants running around. so most of the ones that remained were the popular ones. HoM fucking sucked. worst bendis book i have ever read. this was worse than Infinite Crisis. but the art was pretty.

I’m still saving that Spawn comic just for you, baby.

i’m saving of them for you

A few things:

  1. The Energy transfer thing started in Alpha Flight.
  2. Are you talking about the actual house of M? What you’re describing in your post seems like stuff from Decimation, not house of M. House of M was an alternate reality where mutants ruled. Lots of people still had their powers.
  3. Why would there be an explanation? Wandas powers have always been quirky. It’s chaos magic after all.