Housing for Arcade Stick

Hey, I was wondering if there was a tutorial anywhere on making those plastic/metal square housing cases for custom (sanwa) arcade sticks. I’ve seen the tutorials for the wood ones for american sticks but I’d rather not use wood. Almost every single seller for custom arcade sticks has a generic looking square box made of plastic around the side, with a metal plate on top. Some even have an all metal box (i think). Could someone teach me a way to make these?

Here’s a semi tutorial on how to do a plexi case.

Man, i would love to make a box like that, but how did he mold it into that shape?

edit- aw, he said he didn’t take pictures of putting the box together, damn…

i have access to sheet metal(aluminum), a welder, shears, and a paint booth. if you dont have access to these things going the meatl rout would be a pain

I have sheet metal, i can probably find shears, i have no welder, and i can probably just paint outside.

You can, but it’s easier in a paint booth since you don’t have to worry about anything contaminating the paint, like dust, hair, flies, etc.