Houston 3S Ranking Battle May 7th results

Thanks to everyone for showing up, hope everyone can come out for ranking battle #4 on May 21st

Event #1, Singles Ranking Battle (28 entries)

1st - Aznhitler - 10 points
2nd - Hsien Chang - 7 points
3rd - Fubarduck - 5 points
4th - Alex Ennis [’_’] - 3 points
Tied 5th - Alex Yoon
Tied 5th - Rushdown Ninja
Tied 5th - Evil Dictator
Tied 5th - Crow

Event #2, Team Battle 2on2 (10 teams)

1st Team Jauggernaut, Hsien Chang/Aznhitler
2nd Team TurtleDuck, Fubarduck/Alex Yoon
3rd Team Vietnam, Lang/Rushdown Ninja
4th Team Random 2, Chris Dat/Dark-Zero

Event #3, Austin vs Houston

Hsien OCVs Both Houston teams 10-0!!!

Event #4, Ryu vs Dudley

Team Dudley wins, came down to the last match between Aznhitler’s Ryu vs Hsien’s Dudley

haha awesome

lay…was the commentary recorded also? haha that’d be awesome if it was…bc alex yoon said some funny stuff.:rofl:

dude dark-zero is craazyyy! everyone was gettin all bonery n shat…it was great!

<-chris dat

david hem cheats.
this was fun, but cabs need new stick/buttons.
shouts to everyone, that shit was fun as hell.
thanks lay for setting this up.


:sweat: :sweat:

I don’t know if crazy is the word for it but its fine for now since I can’t come up with something else at the moment. It was fun having you as a partner:looney: :tup:.
Ranbat was fun.
Ryu wants a rematch.

That was loads of fun, my first real tourney thingy, so yeah-yuh…this kinda breaks the ice for me, and im finally getting exposure what with the meeting people from out of town, and having fun with it. Sorry i had to eat and run, but my parents can be unreasonable sometimes, aw well. I really look forward to next time, so get ready, im aiming high.

good stuff lay.

thanks to the austin people for making it out. i feel like i get better every time that i play with you guys (even when 70% of the matches are helluh-prison-rape).

team ryu was not strong. :sad:

These ranbats are always fun. Thx to everyone that came down. Now where the f00k is Dallas? >=P

Next character battle: Necro vs Hugo! I am torn. =’(

Good stuff austin, thanks for coming down. Like alex said, i feel like i improve a little everytime i play w/ you guys.

Nice job running the tourney Lay.

Dallas who?

Who was part of team Houston?

glad to see texas is taking 3s seriously…
practice up kids (and hsien):karate:

I’m real sorry I didn’t make it out guys. I will make it out to the one on the 21st for sure.