Houston 3S Ranking Battle Super Sunday 5/7

The Houston 3S ranking battles has been going on for a while now, for any of you not familiar with it check this thread out for details


For Ranking Battle #3, Planet Zero arcade in Houston has graciously agreed to have two 3S setups on versus city cabinets (head-to-head). The finest from Austin and Dallas will be attending this event in full force. Here are the events scheduled for the weekend.

10$ registration will allow you to participate in all 4 of the events or 5$ for just the first event. Registration starts at 1:00pm, Tournament starts at 2:00pm

Event #1: Ranking Battle #3

  • random seeding, 2/3 until top 8 then bracket resets to 2/3 single elimination. 1st place will recieve credits for games and points towards season grand prize.

Event #2: Team battle 2v2

  • 5$ a person (10$ a team), teams have to keep same characters (no duplicate characters allowed) throughout the whole tournament. Single Game/Double elim. Pot payout 70/20/10

Event #3: Houston vs Austin vs Dallas

  • Other regions are welcome to submit teams too.

Event #4: Ryu vs Dudley

  • Pick one out of the two, single game knockoff style.

The event will be recorded and videos posted online.

I think Lay spent too much time in Japan.
OTG shinshoryu-madness. :wasted:

fun…question, how will the Houston team be determined?

It will be determined at the tournament depending on who shows up. Multiple Houston teams are possible too.

partner partner…im gonna need a partner O.o ("accepting applications)

Man, Good job Lay for making these ranbats exciting, I like the date on this one, i might me able to attend for once. Still got a exams that 8th though, damn, i hope i can still make it.

Third Strike Yall’

no shit…i thought i was gonna be may 1st. ill still be able to make it to this one, but i do have finals on the 8th.

may 1st is a monday, with two 3S setups I doubt it will take over 2-3 hours to finish all the events. It should be a good break in between finals.

Should be a blast. The past few were fun. Dallas and Austin sux. =X oOo hate h8HaTe H8 HATE

Just a little confused by this a little. Can I still play with Ryu even if my opponent chooses ryu or do I have to automatically choose Dudley?

Ryu vs Dudley tournament = One side is always Ryu, other is always Dudley, play until all the people from one side have been defeated.

Third strike on 2 versus cabinets under the same roof? We must be in Japan
This is gonna be madniss!

and NO ranbat this coming sunday, right? just wanted to make sure.
I’ll def. be there for this one

Gotcha. Thanks

Are there prizes for these 2 events?

There will only be prizes and points for the first two events, Event #3 and #4 are for smack talk rights until the next houston regional.


SFC is coming to own.
that is all.

Do the tournies usually start 2pm on the dot? Or do they start a little later? I forgot I had prior engagements Sun. morning and I won’t be able to leave town(SA) untill about 12:30pm. Meaning I won’t get to Houston untill 3-4. I don’t expect to hold it off that long, but is it possible to maybe start just a tad bit later and run the dud vs ryu event 1st to give me more time to get there? If not it’s cool, just wondering.

okay, so for the austin v houston v dallas thing,
are multiple teams allowed? we’re thinking that we might be able to send two teams of ownage, but if only one austin team is allowed, then we need to know cause some noobs don’t want to come unless they know they’ll be playing on a team.