Houston Battle Royale II Results


In lieu of having a singles tourney again, we had another 7 on 7 round robin tourney tonight. Both Daniel and Ivan were captains (Daniel heading up Team Rockets, Ivan heading up Team Spurs). The results were:

Team Rockets:

Brad “Roger Clemens” Carney (Sent/Cable/Cap) 7-0
Daniel “Did you lose a bet?” Nguyen (Cable/Storm/Cyclops) 6-1
Chris “Jump back call Tron > *” Chou (MM/Cable/Tron) 5-2
Martin “I’m not Justin Wong but I think I am” Phan (Mag/Sent/Cyclops) 4-3
Harvey “3s guru” Chang (Spiral/Cable/Sent) 3-4
Javier “I have work in the morning!” Moreno (Sent/Cable/Cap) 2-5
Alex “Sakura owns” S (Spiral/Cable/Sent) 1-6

Team Spurs:

Ivan “Boom boom” Rivas (Sent/Cable/Cap) 5-2
Eric “Beefsteak” Ihavenolastname (Storm/Cable/Cap) 4-3
Chris “MAD RUSHDOWN” Villarreal (Sent/Cable/Cap) 4-3
Khang “I parry triangle jumps” Le (Doom/Cable/Sent) 3-4
Kevin “Man this game is BULLSHIT” Turner (Sent/Strider/Doom) 3-4
Mike “Mini Wong” Lu (Storm/Sent/Cyclops) 2-5
Alex “Alex” Alex (Sent/Cable/Cap) 0-7

Team Rockets wins 28-21.

And the breakdown of who beat whom (Rockets sat on the machine):

Carnevil vs. Ivan: Carnevil wins
Carnevil vs. Eric: Carnevil wins
Carnevil vs. Crow: Carnevil wins
Carnevil vs. Khang: Carnevil wins
Carnevil vs. Kensou: Carnevil wins
Carnevil vs. Mike: Carnevil wins
Carnevil vs. Alex: Carnevil wins

Daniel vs. Ivan: Ivan wins
Daniel vs. Eric: Daniel wins
Daniel vs. Crow: Daniel wins
Daniel vs. Khang: Daniel wins
Daniel vs. Kensou: Daniel wins
Daniel vs. Mike: Daniel wins
Daniel vs. Alex: Daniel wins

Ranma vs. Ivan: Ranma wins
Ranma vs. Eric: Eric wins
Ranma vs. Crow: Crow wins
Ranma vs. Khang: Ranma wins
Ranma vs. Kensou: Ranma wins
Ranma vs. Mike: Ranma wins
Ranma vs. Alex: Ranma wins

Martin vs. Ivan: Ivan wins
Martin vs. Eric: Eric wins
Martin vs. Crow: Martin wins
Martin vs. Khang: Khang wins (AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA)
Martin vs. Kensou: Martin wins
Martin vs. Mike: Martin wins
Martin vs. Alex: Martin wins

Harvey vs. Ivan: Ivan wins
Harvey vs. Eric: Harvey wins
Harvey vs. Crow: Crow wins
Harvey vs. Khang: Harvey wins
Harvey vs. Kensou: Kensou wins
Harvey vs. Mike: Mike wins
Harvey vs. Alex: Harvey wins

Javi vs. Ivan: Ivan wins
Javi vs. Eric: Eric wins
Javi vs. Crow: Crow wins
Javi vs. Khang: Khang wins
Javi vs. Kensou: Kensou wins
Javi vs. Mike: Javi wins
Javi vs. Alex: Javi wins

Alex vs. Ivan: Ivan wins
Alex vs. Eric: Eric wins
Alex vs. Crow: Crow wins
Alex vs. Khang: Khang wins
Alex vs. Kensou: Kensou wins
Alex vs. Mike: Mike wins
Alex S. vs. Alex: Alex S. wins

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and good games to everyone. Let’s do it again next week :smiley:


nice nice, the white devils need to be ready :lol:


hehe, thx :smiley: And yeah, I’ll be ready!