Houston man faces 180 days in jail for OVERpaying his child support and visiting his son too much?

you are correct, if men are mostly the smartest and the dumbest then male intelligence would be bimodal or the male curve would have to be significantly flatter. in actuality, neither of those things is true, both distributions are normal, but men’s is skewed centered higher and a little flatter.


This is more of a case of blatant incompetence than it is actual ill intent. Or is it? I find it hard to believe that they’re seriously punishing the guy for being a good father, but rather interpreting the law too literally. Also just because women are more favored in the divorce process does not fucking mean female privilege. I’m not believing the hype until a female employer actively decides to pay me less for being male.

I never said “it’s top and bottom heavy”… The male’s normal distribution’s variance is bigger. So when you measure the edges, they contain more men compared to women. Most men are still in the middle.

It’s more like “The system is fucked up in general. Here’s an excuse to start talking about it.”

The problem is that the courts decided that the role of a father in a child’s life can be replaced just fine with an ATM machine, regardless of countless researches pointing out how children who grow without fathers are more prone to become losers and criminals. So if the law really cared about finding out what’s good for the children, it would be less about extracting money and more about treating both sides with respect and allowing them to be a part of the child’s life. Divorce is currently “let’s fuck the other over as much as we can” rather than “let’s solve this problem together”. In this game the main losers are the children.

The judge was probably in an abusive relationship at some point in her life. You’d be surprised at how many people take out their frustration on a past figure on someone else; none the less it is something that needs to be curbed. This judge and future judges should be screened more effectively.

This thread is a warm bucket of stupid. Holy shit.

Society is full of misandric poison. This is just one example. I am glad to see a post bringing it up on Shoryuken. Did not expect it. It is time for boys and men to stand up for themselves and refuse to discriminated against.

You probably are getting paid less, since you’re expected to do more hours, work harder projects, and generally are expected to perform other tangential activities. Women also tend to get promoted very quickly, despite working less hours or putting in inferior work product.

I don’t really care much because I’m only concerned with having enough for myself, and I have the ability to work for myself. But I don’t get why most unconnected men try so hard, the game is rigged against you. If I were ever to get married it would not be in the US, but rather a country with traditional gender roles such as Brazil.

Why Traditional Gender roles?

It is pretty suspect that he somehow wasn’t aware he was way overdue on child support because he didn’t keep track of how much he was getting paid/where his money was going per check AND the ex girlfriend somehow never brought it up earlier on, when he was late on a payment. That’s the only way you can really spin that story imo and it’s not very believable.

Still, it doesn’t help anyone in any way at all for him to do jail-time, so that’s a horrible call on the judge’s part.


also more female privilege:


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So who’s ready to march?!

SRK has many MRA’s.




Anyone that isn’t a feminist or feminist supporter is automatically labeled a Men’s Right Activist which is commonly seen as being negative (which you were implying, otherwise why bring it up in the first place as a baseless assumption?).

It couldn’t possibly be that they aren’t a fucking idiot and believe that both genders should be treated equally and fairly and that when they see any kind of fuckery/coonery/ or inequality they speak on it from the neutral point of view known as COMMON FUCKING SENSE.

No, that couldn’t possibly be. We’re all just a bunch of women haters. Makes total sense.


  1. Argue without any sort of logic
  2. Rope dumb men into the circle
  3. Any man who isn’t a tool is instantly labeled as negatively as possible, including entire groups of men
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With threads like this one, 2014 is going to be amazing. There won’t be enough popcorn or coffee…no way in all hell there will be.

It’s my experience that people who speak of the benefits of so-called common sense are often the dumbest people alive.

Guys, guys relax.

I know the true monster involved here.

It’s Obamacare.

No doubt. I’ve never proclaimed I was smart, and maybe this is affirming said notion, but are you saying that I’m also in that category of some of the dumbest people alive? Or was it simply a statement based upon your life experiences?

I was calling you an idiot.

K. I thought so. Just making sure you were as much as an idiot as I am.