Houston: The Ghetto Houston Thread

What’s good in Houston! Yes there is more going on in Houston than just UoH and SG. If you can’t ever get a stick at SG and don’t hang with the UoH crowd then this would be a thread for you. I love the other thread and am not trying to hate on them or anything, but I never find myself going to UH or SG and I know there are others out there like myself.
This is for the more URBAN crowd so we can negotiate meets and who’s putting down on what, be it chicken or pizza xD

First order of Business

SE Side Meet
Every Saturday @ 8pm
At least 2 TV’s between the Xbox, PS2, and GC
PM for Direction or if you need to bum a ride
If you eat/drink, chip in. We’re not trying to make a profit, jus come out even

Yeah this is what this thread is all about, it’s for us not as hardcore Houston folks that like to chill in a more laidback atmosphere but don’t quite have a spot with the Stargate group, Rosales786 - where you at? lol


well that sounds kool ill make it this saturday. make sure that you put that NBA liVE 2005 OR 2006 in the PS2 also. and hmm…what about that smash bros??? ill be there!

Brian and Billy probably won’t be there b/c of homecoming, or will probably be there late, but i know that Erik will be there and maybe Darryl!

what it do

Sonic Boom: I remember you needed a ride - Homeboy Rosales786 on here or Tre would come scoop you up, get some of your homeboys in on this.

i didnt know Paul Wall posted on SRK :lol: :rofl:

so…i guess the other thread should be renamed to the “Bougie Houston thread”? :confused: :xeye: …:lol:

… j/k :lol:



Prairie View A & M in the house!!!


There might be only ONE HOUSTON THREAD…but that doesn’t change the fact that there is 2 Houston Threads, No one said this thread is the new Houston thread now!
:clap: :encore:

at least one person got the joke :lol:

whats going on in your av? :confused: :xeye: :wtf:

wtf? lol! that’s like highlander. “There can only be one!” This is a special interests thread. We’re not trying to take over the “houston scene” or anything. This is for organization between ppl.
Grabs his sword
"Prepare ye to dual, sir Highlander!"… no wait! better yet… the matrix!.. “Neo! You’re the one!”

So time we trying to start up on Saturday?

probably get the food/booze around 8ish, start around 9ish play til bout… whenever ish xD

That i know!

I’m thinking around 4 we’ll start up.

what’s your point?

4? It’s homecoming. Game starts at 2, so ppl will be tied up until after the game.

Folks can come through starting @ 4 - then TSU folks that went to the game can come by after that.

I’m not going to the game (i don’t think) so that’s fine. i’ll have the ps2 over around 3, remember we gotta work on the breaks for the 240 tho.

I just came from Mycah’s utilzing one of his TV’s and the cable to play Socom 3. God I need to devote a day to that game and get my rank up. He and erik are there now. I’ll be back around 7/8 ish, Darryl, billy and brian are coming around that time also. See you there.