Houston, TX April 26-30 Monsters Arcade FREE Tournament Week! TvC, SC4,BB,SF3,HD Remx

Celebrating the release of Super Street Fighter 4 and leading up to our release party on Saturday we are holding free tournaments all week. So those of you who haven’t had a chance to come check out our new venue here is your chance!

Schedule is as follows:

Monday April 26th 7:00pm Tatsunko Vs. Capcom

Tuesday April 27th 7:00pm Soul Calibur 4

Wednesday April 28th we will have Super Street Fighter 4 in-stock. Come in and get some practice in before the tournament. $5 Covers you the whole day!

Thursday April 29th 7:00pm Blazblue

Friday April 30th Street Fighter 3 and HD remix

All venue fees are waved for these tournaments, just bring your $10 for the pot! All matches will be recorded direct feed in HD.

Other April Events:

-Halo 3 Tournament April 10th
-Modern Warfare 2 Tournament April 17th
-Super Smash Brother Brawl Season Tournament 1 April 24th
-Tekken 6 Season 1 Tournament 1 April 25th

See our website for details. www.Monstersarcade.net THX

All 1st place winners in our free tournament series will get copies of super street fighter 4

Anyone interested in running MvC2 on Monday as-well?

Wow, this all sounds really neat.
Maybe I can bring some people over for the Super SF4 event, not sure just yet…

so wait, if I win TvC on monday I will get a copie of ssf4?

yes sir

I have never heard of you guys until now, did you recently open?

I wanna make it out to the TVC, will there be casuals? Not all too good just yet and only have practise with the GCN controller. Are sticks provided?

Yes we’ve only been open for about 6 weeks. And there sure will be casuals, we open at 2pm on the weekdays so if you would like to come in beforehand and practice feel free. But unfortunately we dont have sticks for the Wii. We want to see how popular TvC is before we do.

Hope to see u there!

I’ll be heading out to play some 3rd Strike and HDR today.