Houston TX, GMMA Collision Street Figheter 4/Tekken 6 Tourney +$100

Brought to you by www.gmma.us
Flyer : http://img707.yfrog.com/img707/1561/tournamentflyer3copy.jpg

DATE: Friday. April 9, 2010
TIME: Doors open at 3. Tournaments commences at 5:30 sharp (Roll call begins @ 5PM)
ENTRY FEE: $10 per game

Tekken 6 (PS3)
Street Fighter 4 (PS3)


  • We will have a projector and TV both running separate tournaments simultaneously
  • If an opponent is signed for both tournaments (Street Fighter & Tekken), he or she will be redrawn to play fight another opponent. We will work with you so that you may play both.
  • For the first round, names will be randomly drawn.
  • Brackets will be set up after the completion of the first round for both games.
  • Each player is permitted ONE rematch per round. The player must deposit $2 dollars into the jackpot to declare a rematch.
  • During the finals, each player is given TWO rematch opportunities. No more.
  • Standard Playstation 3 controllers will be used as default. Players are permitted to provide their own controller and/or joystick
  • The finals will be played on the projector for both games.


  • Single elimination
  • Round time: 60 seconds
  • Rounds per match: 3


  • Each tournament has a fixed cash prize of $100
  • The jackpot includes a fixed cash amount of $15. The rest of the jackpot will consist of rematch fees submitted by the players.


Why not just run a normal tourney? Charge $5 venue, and let tourney prize pot be all the game entry fees with a 70/20/10 split for 1st/2nd/3rd. Sounds like you’re trying to make money off of surplus entrants after hitting the 10 mark, and letting rematch fees provide for the prize. At face value your operation looks shady.

Also unless you have a splitter so the players can play on a normal tv with a 2nd out to the projector, then don’t play the games on the projector as it would be a lag fest.

Lastly, rounds should be set at 99 seconds with 3 rounds per match, 2/3 matches (no rematch fee) for SF4 and 5 rounds 2/3 matches for Tekken 6

If you’re just planning on grabbing random U of H casual passerbys that don’t know shit, then who cares how it’s set up, but if you’re planning to run a respectable tourney aimed at the fighting game community, then take these changes into consideration.

and lern 2 spehl

LOL a rematch fee…:looney:

I’m not going to this

dam just when i thought houston might have a good tourney running. hey does anyone no if planet zeros tourny any good just hit me up and let me no

was considering going to this, but with weird things like rematch fee, I’m not sure. Anyone actually going to this? I don’t have a ps3 stick, and if anyone respectable will be there I’ll go, and I’ll need to borrow a stick hahah.

I’ll be there. Who wants to get owned by the great one?

We will see about that NeoX

Where exactly is this tournament on the campus. I dont know u of h well help plz?

so who won this trash?