Houyoku Sen properties

Supering through shoto fireballs is something I do on a regular basis when playing “not so good” players that give you opportunities to do it. I may have been misinformed, but I recall hearing that SA2 does NOT travel through Uriens metallic spheres. I’ve been playing my chun with that in mind for some time now, but yesterday I err … suddenly felt like trying and supered through metallic spheres on two occasions. Is this only on the DC version or have I just been confused the whole time? :smiley:
Also, I saw some japanese guy (Tokido? Ohnuki?) supering through an EX hadouken by parrying the first hit and then doing SA2 really fast. Could you do this by doing d, df, f(parry) and then qcf+k? Would that work or do you have to do neutral->towards for it to register as a parry? In that case you’d have to have really quick hands … Can any of you pull this off?

you can sa2 through the metallic spheres but the sphere has to very close before you can super through it.

It was Ohnuki. You have to do the parry from neutral. If you are doing the motion for the super as fast as you would normally do the super in Super Turbo this shouldn’t be a problem. Parry, and then input the motion while the screen slows down because of the parry.

parrying the first hit of an EX hadouken then a super,
DAMN! so much for an exhibition…
i wouldn’t dare do that…
for that japanese guy,well he’s awesome!!!:eek:

K.O did it on me last week (yes, he also plays a mean Chun-Li). He made it seem so easy…

Hoyokusen will make Chun invincible from the start until she begins to trow her kicks, the metallic sphere is so slow an kinda wide, that wen the invencibility frames run out, it will be touching Chun if you do it too early.

BK: Don’t all Chunlis play mean? =D

Parry to Super from an EX Fireball isn’t hard - heh…

…but I was amazed at the reaction I got when I did it at the good ol’ arcades once…they blew up (a bit) - I was too busy being like… “…what?” …anyway, it’s nice. Just not too nice at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue: