Hover Boards & Cars Coming Soon


The boffins over at MIT are doing some crazy things in their labs.



Amazing, thanks for posting that… this is truly the future… so much progress in such little time.


Finally, god dammit.


I want hover shoes or a hover board.

dont fuck with cars


“Finally” my ass! These dumb-ass fuckers can’t even keep a car on the road, so now we’re gonna let the overly-competitive asshole male drivers who

1: shoot over into your lane INCHES from your front bumper without warning

2: drive close behind you, change lanes with you and try to scoot past before you’re completely in the new lane

3: match speed and drive beside you as you approach a point where you have to change lanes to take or avoid a turn lane or on-ramp and tries to keep you from changing lanes, and when you do succesfully, they take the EMPTY lane to their left cuz they didn’t want their previous lane in the first place

and airheaded chicks texting/dialing take to the air? Seriously?! This is a Jurassic Park moment. They’re so preoccupied with whether or not they CAN, they’re not stopping to consider whether or not they SHOULD.


nah man, everything will be controlled by Google Maps


…we’re dead.


come on hover bikes!


There seriously isn’t an excuse to not make a contained magnetic hoverboard park. By 2015!! Hurry!


you know considering how much 3D movies are pushed, Jaws 3D just might be a reality 3 years from now! :lol:


It’ll still look fake


^I wish I could like this post more.


There was already a Jaws 3D.

There should not have been.


Not sure if you missed the joke, or you are making a joke

to be safe





should I buy my hoverboard outfit?

you know red baseball cap turned backwards, letterman jacket, tight blue jeans, and white red chuck taylors?


Amazing stuff. I love how small-minded wannabe brainiacs are saying this is too expensive and impractical for use in the comments page. EVERY DISCOVERY was impractical and expensive at the beginning, until it was refined into a more user-friendly (and profitable) form.

No wonder why there’s only a few true innovators in this world.


I have seen Back to the Future, Part II. Have you seen Jaws 3D?


The one where the black guy dies for no good reason, the permanent stain on Michael Caine’s CV, yes :rofl:


Michael Caine has bills to pay, too.

Also, when he says his own name, it sounds like “my cocaine”.