How about a 5v5 at evo2k6?

well? whether its official or not, it ll still be fun.

evo is once a year, all them heads gathered, might as well right?

heck yes

I think with the large number of etrants 3s gets we should maybe just have the tourney be a 2 on 2 pokemon format or something. that would rock.

Hell yeah great idea :tup:.

if you can organize all them niggas together i’m down

i m pretty loud

The only problem would be

They had a hell of a time getting everyones matches played just in singles 3s … they ran an hour or two behind … I heard CVS2 was getting played single elim too … a 5 on 5 take hella long to do …

i just think the main tourney should be 2v2

if they can do it with marvel we can do it with 3s its only adding 2 more people

i hope to god its in california next year.

As long as it’s near something. The beach or a big city.

The only way I was able to convince my friends to go to Evo with me is because it was in Vegas … and they could gamble and go to strip clubs … cause none of my friends would drop money on plane tickets and hotel just to see me lose a Street Fighter tournament.

You know that makes a lot of sense to me. :wgrin:

Yeah none of my friends play SF.

Well that’s not entirely true. I got one friend who lives here who plays, but he is always broke. Another 4 guys who live an hour away that play and might go.

But still as much as I love fighting games the best part of Evo was Vegas itself hands down … I mean, it just kicked soo much ass, and I’d love if they had it there again.

I wish it could be in NYC… east coast stand up.

it needs to be in vegas again
there is so much to do after the tourney

I’m definitely down.

If it’s in vegas again, one of you guys need to hook me up with a fake ID or something. Because that shit is boring for us 19 year olds.

But i’m definately down for 5 v 5. Just have it in the BYOC area?

5v5, that shit would be cool, but then again its so hard to get everyone organized. I mean, most people who go to EVO usually play more than one game.

If you have a 5v5 tourney then everyone on the team has to be there at the same time, and at something as crowded as evo, that’s pretty hard to do.

But still, I think this would be awesome if it works out. I’m all for it.

I am plaing a 3v3 on arcade 3s for evo. Im working out the details. But it will not be on console.

m down for this. Sign me up.

Also Evo in Vegas FTW. Possibilities and amount of fun is endless.

CRUNK ronin!