How about a block string's thread?


I saw a BnB thread around here somewhere and i think it would be a good idea to put down some block strings too.

heres one for sagat:

s. lp, s.lp,,, low tiger shot


don’t do tiger shot, ur opponent can roll past it after the cr. mk.



X-up LK, c.lp,c.lp, Sonic boom


Blanka is the block string king

here are a few:


C.Shortx2->S.Jab->C.Roundhouse… works so well, people often stand up after the short short s.jab

Crossup->S.Strong->C.Short->C.Jab…if blocked finish with C,Fierce or nothing(wait for their attempt to escape guard crush fierce of death and counter) Blanka ball if a combo pops up in there. BTW you can actually combo all these hits…

This is a very good poke string that sets up all sorts of counter hits.
meaty Strong often counter hits after crossup(usually when you dont crossup deep enough) then after that C.short->C.jab->Fierce Ball is cake

Also the C.short often counter hits after meaty Strong and then C.Jab Fierce ball to finish.

Guile has a fucking sick block string:

Knockdown or throw in the corner…

Meaty Jab Sonic Boom as they are getting up->roll->C.Strong->C.jab->S.Strong->Sonic boom of choice->S.Roundhouse

This all combos up to the second sonic boom(not TOO hard)…this blocked string is too fucking good



cross up mk, cl. mk, hcf+mk

does alotta GC damage and it combos