How about a dedicated TTT2 Sub-Forum?


So, we all know TTT2 is coming out, set to bring the series home in the most complete and refined package to date, yada yada yada…

But I was wondering if you guys had any plans to implement a dedicated sub-forum (kind of how you did with UMVC3, SSF4, Skullgirls, etc.). It’d be a great start to generate and pool resources for character development, strategies, frame data and whatnot, and keep it all organized so that new users (both to the game and SRK) can access useful information without having to deal with a congested single sub-forum full of threads and posts.


There’s a Tekken forum but SRK staff doesn’t give a shit to make any of the other fighting game sub forums easily seen.


I meant something on a more character-by-character basis for the sub-forums, but I see what you mean now.

#4 has individual character forums.



Can we trade MK9 character forums for Tekken ones or Persona ones? They’ve been inactive for almost two weeks.


Sounds like a fantastic idea.

Yes, as expressed before, I acknowledge the existence of a dedicated Tekken forum. But I think both the community and the game itself would benefit immensely from a set of character sub-forums. Compiling resources as the metagame develops could prove an invaluable resource to newcomers, whether it be to new characters or the SRK forums themselves.


Persona doesn’t even have a character subforum.

As stated, there are dedicated sites for Tekken (Tekken Zaibatsu, etc.)


That being the obvious choice if I wanted to go somewhere *besides *SRK. But I suppose I can’t have my cake and eat it too.

This discussion apparently isn’t going anywhere, so I’ll just go to Tekken Zaibatsu for advice on the game.

Can be locked now.


If you’ve Played T6, you’ve played TTT2


Also not the focus of my suggestion, but thank you for sharing.


I’m not saying there is one. I’m asking for one, because it’s a new game as well. But SRK doesn’t give a shit right?




Thank you! I love you! <3


:eek: I’m glad we have a main TTT2U forum here on SRK.

The “price” of this was moving SFxT to the Strategy Zone, which I don’t feel either way about, but it did make me notice something. With SFxT, MK9 and Skullgirls (to a lesser extent) having their character subforums displayed, Strategy Zone takes up a significant amount of space. I was wondering how the staff felt about keeping those character subforums (obviously), but hiding them like TvC and MvC2.

Just a suggestion. Not sure what the overhead on this operation is.