How about a "trusted trader" in the stickies until we get a feedback system


Just a thought till we work a feedback system out. Mods you can do what you want with this post. Sticky or remove.


Interesting idea and (unfortunately) probably likely to gain more traction than some outside verification service like has been suggested elsewhere.  Question is: what would the criteria be?


I was going to redo my second post to include all the feedback from my own transactions until this gets resolved. We could do something like what Neogaf does where we make a Feedback thread, everyone posts their feedback in it, and then we make a google doc spreadsheet with all the feedback so people can know who’s trustworthy and who’s not. Here’s a link to their feedback list:


Might be easier for everyone to just have master sales threads. Similar to yours.


Woop,Badboybrazil,slaycruz,cutwest are people I’ve done several different transactions and all came through everytime. I think they are trust worthy people.


I did business with slaycruz recently as well, and he is the man!


appreciate the feedback guys…I’m all about customer svc when I sell stuff…


Are the google docs easy to work with?


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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/10012/W00P%20MstR%20FresH">@W00P MstR FresH</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Are the google docs easy to work with?</div>

Yes. And you can view history and revert people out for slander.<br>Best suggestion is that sellers should “register” their email addresses, and then you share the Google spreadsheet directly with that person. Public viewing, private editing.<br>It would take a lot of management, and would prevent people who are just looking to get rid of one or two things.<br><br>By the way, did you get that MC Cthulhu? <br>


So let me get this straight. You guys rather do all this nonsense and STILL run the risk of losing your feedback when SRK changes servers again than to just use where you will NEVER lose your feedback? What is going on here? Almost every online trading forum uses Heatware. Heatware is free and can be use on ANY website. This makes no sense to me. <br><br><a href=“” target="_blank" rel=“nofollow”></a><br>


I like your idea of heatware. Totally agree. I missed that thread till a few days ago.


Oh snap. Is that what that thread was about? I just thought that was some website selling goods.


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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/12648/SmokeMaxX">SmokeMaxX</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Oh snap. Is that what that thread was about? I just thought that was some website selling goods.</div>

LMFAO  me too I thought it was someone selling pots and pans or something to keep you warm during this winter time, shit funny


Yeah Heatware is such an awful name for that website especially since everyone’s trying to sell their “wares” in the Trading Outlet. Glad the title was changed; much more clear now.


losing all my feedback twice now, is really killing me. <br>