How about an annual award recognizing contributions to the FGC?


Is there one? If not, maybe there should be. I was thinking of Spooky and his crew ceasing their streams after EVO. The quality of his broadcasts are stellar, and are going to be missed once he’s done. I thought it’d be nice if he was recognized before he wraps up.

I was thinking also thinking about the great work others put in for the community- Ultrachen ( Ultrachen TV is SICK w/ info), WNF, FC, Maximillian, CC, WU SRK, Mr Wizard, etc. I dont know if it should be individuals recognized or crews. It seems that there’s a small handful of people GREATLY responsible for helping the Fighting game scene thrive, and they should be formally thanked for it.

Or is this too corny?


I actually said something similar years ago *INTEREST THREAD* regarding one of the most famous pioneers of SF?

I think that year was when the Cannons got there awards. It would be cool if this was a yearly thing because every year there is always someone who really stands out as a huge contributor to the fighting game scene.



It’s the Cannon award…they’ve been doing it since 2009 I think.

The Cannons got theirs in 2009, Maj in 2010, and Markman in 2011.


Cool I didn’t know they had made it a yearly thing already. Very cool. Spooky and MrWizard come to mind first for recipients this year.



Maj, Seth Killian and Myself were the recipients in 2010.


My mistake. I guess I get distracted if there isn’t a match on screen. I’ll pay closer attention to this year.


What we need is a thread where people suggest the name of people who deserve it.
I personally think there’s someone who goes entirely unnoticed that deserves it just as much as everyone who’ve received it so far.

Im talking about Trag the EVO Announcer.
Trag is the hypest announcer I’ve heard in my life, but he usually announces for the live crowd of EVO, and that’s why there’s so many stream monsters who’ve never heard of him. He’s been adding the hype to our most intense matches since before EVO moved to Vegas.

If there’s someone who really deserves the Cannon Award besides Spooky, that is definitely Trag.
My vote for TRAG2012

Boxing announcers aint got shit on him


I agree that either Sp00ky or Trag should definitely up for the Cannon Award, but I definitely go for SP00ky, since he has to do so much work during tourny (imagine stuck at the stream table almost 18hr a day…(I still remember one scene in the “Hype” moment video from EVO last year when everyone was watching the big screen, except Sp00ky, who’s checking his lab top for stream quality. Not to mention dealing with those FRIGGING Trolling idiots on the stream chats nowadays, as well as the amount of work he does when he stream tournies (I am pretty sure at least 60% of major tourny is streamed by him (at least 90% on the East Coast))

My vote for SP00KY2012!!!


Well it really doesn’t have to be an either or.
Multiple people have received it in the same year.
I just want to raise awareness about Trag because a lot of stream monsters dont know him.