How about Hyper SF2 on NFBA?

This would be good for the players that dont have the money to buy an xbox and plus its p2p unlike xbox live.

It’s already on there dude.

Hmm ok, but why is it no made a thread like “good games on Hyper SF2”

You really, really like CE-Guile don’t you. Everyone’s probably too busy playing ST and 3S.

Gee you think:rolleyes:

ST is the shit now dude, always been and forever be.
Forget about it.

I won’t disagree with u on that, however I was refering Hyper as a side game and not to mention its still big competatively only in Japan sadly:sad:

Fuck that unbalanced piece of shit. It’s not even at EVO or SBO anymore.

No its not, they threw that game out after SBO last year.

Agree, ST is the BEST!!! :rock:

k I did not know that