How about Hyper Street Fighter 3 OE?


I wonder while Capcom did that for SF2 so why not 3 ??

For the guys who doesn’t know about it
from wiki:

So in SF3 case you can play Second Impact Ryu VS Third strike Alex or New Generation Necro…

I Am curious how can changes in systems can effect old characters (whether they make them play with 3S style or previous installments style)…

BTW there is an option like that in Alpha / Zero Anthology …

Also please note that there was short time between NG and SI and 3S…so people didn’t have enough time to discover things in older titles like what they did in 3S…

I really prefer a 4th sequel dozen of times over that but the Hyper looks much easier to expect from Capcom …


I think it could be fun, my only worry would be it could further divide the online community (inb4 “online sucks anyways”).

Would be cool to see how 2i Sean would stack against 3s Ken, and if Ibuki’s 2i power would send her straight to the top in 3s.


From what I’ve seen, 2nd Impact characters would walk over anyone not named Chun.

2I stages/music would be cool though.


Or a rebalancing to make the top 6 less bullshit, and the bottom 5 less shit.


hyper was never very popular among SF2 players and considering sf3 was never as popular as sf2…

also I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a NG or 2I combo video but pretty much every character was nerfed between 2I and 3s so it’d be a really ugly game. fuckin Ken can link into sa3 and thats only the 50th most lame thing about 2I


The first two sf3 are awful awful games and should be burned in a fire… well minus the 2nd impact boards for conversion into 3s boards.


I would just pick 3s, where no one can combo off shorts.


Yea it’s really funny how shitty 2nd impact is.

Throw system is fucking stupid. Air parry also. And some characters are so bad.


I think 2nd Impact is a fun game, I mean just look at this:


Although Sean pretty much ruins the game along with Urien being terrible. Oh yeah and the stupid SF2-style throws like ryan said.


a lot of people don’t realize that there’s two types of air parries in 2nd impact lol. tap down in the air for 3rd strike style air parries. tap toward for the bouncing away style.

im no 2nd impact player, but i think it would be fun to do cr lk ~ cr mp TC into 2nd’s sa3 ibuki super in 3rdstrike… it feels good


i think sean could also link into super from his tatsu or something. i know i’ve seen it before. also, i believe there are infinites and other weird glitches in the game that would have to be addressed. i used to play it a lot on dreamcast and at an arcade in Bakersfield. had to settle for 2I while i was there. oh yeah and oro is fucking boring in the first 2 games along with some other characters. they just weren’t really fleshed out yet unlike in the sf2 games, where they had like 6 versions to mess around with over a long period of time.


Speaking of weird things like that, I kinda have always seen the game as “the closer you are to the end of it when you first hit the better your chances to combo.” so meaty ass late hits are the best to combo with. IT might be that seans kick thing involves some funny hit box.


What’s the throw thing? And does anyone have anything good to say about 2i or 3rd 1?