How accepted would a D-Pad be at EVO?

I’m not going this year but I hope to be there next year. I know my timing would be alot better on the stick, and it’d help alot with my execution, but I don’t have the money to just go out and buy one unless I really need it. (The quality sticks are very expensive, and I don’t buy cheap things).

PS: I’m posting this here because I want feedback from Vega players on how the stick helps or doesn’t, so please don’t move this SRK staff. Thanks.

Whats up bro. I definitely know nothing about playing Vega but I dont really see much problem with pad at EVO. Of course you will have a few eyes on you and if you drop any combos, you can bet that they are going to blame it mostly on your skills depending on how things go, or the pad. However, I think they play mainly on 360 so that might be a problem. However, If you fell you have the skills then get on it. Play comfortably. I honestly have played you lately. I am Ultimatekaos on PSN. I dont remember the match that well because I hardly play, I think you won. Just go and see what comes of it. I have been learning stick lately. Its about preference at first. I however find that stick, while being a little difficult if you didnt grow up in a arcade scene, is more controlled and has substantially more flexible for high level gameplay and comfort.

I’m good with both but i’d say a stick is abit easier to use.
But in the end, it really doesnt matter as long as you’re used to it.
And for Evo, it really doesnt matter as long as you win.

Doesn’t matter what you use so long as you win :slight_smile:
I used to play on D-pad myself…but on a PS3 controller X3

I consider stick the more convenient option because it’s much easier to dual mod for both systems. Meaning you don’t have to worry about trying to be good with both pads.

Only thing ive realized its easier to do on a stick is U1 and that ur thumbs dont hurt after playing for awhile. besides that for Vega, pad and stick aren’t really that much different. It’s easier for me to switch from high block to low block on a pad and preform ST than on a stick. Many ppl already play at Evo with a pad, so it has nothing to do with if it’s accepted, it’s just if your good on it. I switched to a stick to avoid thumb/hand pain/problems and that way I can play a stick on Xbox or PS3, if I only practice with a ps3 pad, im screwed at an xbox tourney cuz the xbox pad sucks and i wouldnt be comfy using a stick either.

Hey bro, that’s cool. Who do you main? It may ring a bell. But I’ve used sticks before, I don’t think it’ll be a problem adjusting at all.

And the 360 is the main reason I’ve wanted to make a change to the stick. 360 controller is fucking trash anyway, why is everything done of the 360? There’d be no hardcore gaming today if it wasn’t for Playstation damnit!!

…Lol anyway, yeah I might as well make the transition. I hear it helps with execution, which is a big factor.

I’ve gotten used to the pressure on my thumb, so mine never really hurt anymore. But it seems I’ll have to switch. With ST, you just have to make sure that you don’t go UF instead of F on the last input, because it’ll come out as Barcelona.

But how long did it take you to start feeling comfortable with the arcade stick?

Yeah, you’re right. Now I just have to get the money for a TE arcade stick…which I want to be customized which will cost more. Lol.

Hey man, I really, really want to get good with stick but I find myself always going back to pad in a serious match. It just feels more comfortable, plus I feel more confident whereas I’m really tentative with stick (I’m bad with the d/f of his cosmic heel which is a big part of my strategy). So it’s really just sitting in the corner collecting dust…however after 1000 fights with Vega I’m gonna revert back to stick. The joystick makes doing Ultras feel really clean so if you miss it you can only blame yourself. The button sensitivity (at least on the TE) is so good and I know the timing of his links off by heart (cl.FP, c.FP or c.MK, s.HK) that I don’t have to plink. It really is that much better for links.

I’m a judge at evo and in my part of the pool only wired controllers allowed. means ps3 madcatz fightstick isnt allowed (unless i hear otherwise from people runnin it). dual shock 3 allowed only with usb cord. "Are wireless controllers/arcade sticks allowed?
As of now, no.
"Just FYI.

personally, as stated here: here (that i unintentionally hijacked lol), i recommend Hori Fighting commander 3. it’s $35 + shipping which is cheaper than a regular ps3 controller and better button layout. you have to do a lil bit of modding but again i’m very happy with it.

personally I can’t play with stick and the only thing i cannot do on pad that i would be able to on stick is dash forward ultra. it’ll be accepted just fine but i think post #2 guy nailed it pretty good.

I use a red dualshock 3, and I have a usb cord. But if I switch at all, it won’t be to another controller like the Hori Commander is. I think I’ll be getting the TE Arcade Stick.

But if I do decide to stick to the DS, do I have to worry about XBox/PS3 issues at EVO? I’m not using XBox’s bulky ass controller.

hey yo platinum,ive always been using a pad from the very beginning and i can tell you that execution wise everything is possible on a pad with enough practice!!
in the end,no matter what you play on,you need to practice to get those moves down.just know that switching to a stick does not make learning a new combo any less difficult.

Depending how far you want to customize it doesn’t cost too much.
If you just want to change artwork/buttons/balltop it’s reasonable. I found that paint costs the most laughs
Depends where you get it all from though. It was cheaper for me because I bought from Akihabara. but Lizardlick might be cheaper for you because you live in the US.

At the end of it, you can pull through a tournament on anything so long as your execution is good.

I have tried using vega on pad, it’s a pain in the ass for me to do any charge motions… let alone do any ultras… Personally, charge characters are easier to handle with a stick for me.

Nothing is wrong with d-pads…most stick users think pad users suck anyway (i think), prove them wrong. also I heard about the wireless issue and pausing random consoles, just make sure that doesn’t happen (if you’re running a wireless controller)

No, I think it’ll help with my timing. Instead of shifting my thumb around I can use all my fingers. In which case I feel will help my execution, which isn’t that good.

Well yeah, but what about those XBox tourney’s? I’d be screwed.

Well that would be a problem X3.

Lol, yeah. I may just switch to TE Stick. I may even post my progression on youtube when I start recording.

Go for it! :smiley:

Hori Fight commander 3 is a really good 6 button pad. I’m going to make a vid on it soon. Don’t play 6 button pads with just your thumb so you have to rely on trigger buttons. Lay it on your knee/ leg and play with your fingers.

This year half of the top 20 at EVO will be people who play only on pads.

Psychic are we? :rofl:

Saturn pads are generally good too. But stick is much more universal. You can dual mod a pad, but it takes like…twice the amount of effort to mod a pad over a stick.

I’m a stick user myself because I don’t understand how you can play charge characters without one but that’s the thing It doesn’t matter if I don’t get it. If you can kick ass with a pad more power to you. We got a local, Wolfkrone, who destroys with a pad, so much so in fact he places first in just about every midwest tourney minus MWC (placed top 16).