how active is the pc community


currently only gaming platform i have. how active is? and is there room for a decent say 4/10 player to get into the game or will i be facing a wall of try hards

used to play on xbiox


I can only speak for the Australian community and it’s okay… Unless it’s really early or really late like 2am I can usually find a handful of players in Ranked or Endless.

Usually I find people with 2000-4000 character points. BP or whatever. Sorry I’m not that good at the game either and I’m just waiting for my stick to arrive.


At least in Europe it’s very much alive. Average comp level’s getting better all the time, player quality ranges from me to solid randoms to Gagapa. Tthe community overall is much more friendly than on XBL - or at least I have gotten barely any abusive messages.