How am i going to remove the wires off this?

i tried that too didn’t work i managed to jimmy one of them off with the screw driver it was a pain to slide the thing back onto the gold but i guess i know how to do it now in the vent my buttons break luckly the gold that twisted off i had some extra microswitches

well thanks guys that was hell

i might just cut the wires and get ones with tabs if i were to buy new quick disconnects what would i need?

You need a crimpper tool, you can get one cheapply for $10 or less
You want size 0.110 sized quick disconnects, most places that sell arcade part sells these for 10 cents each, you want a minimum of 2 per button.
Buy extra encase you screw up.

Also google is your friend, use it

I found this video how-to in 0.2 seconds

if you still can’t figure it out, no one can help you

It seems like someone at Razer did a shoddy job with those QDs.

I still feel like pliers and some manpower can take those off.

Just pull with all your might as if you don’t care about breaking them. The QD will come off just fine.

That’s one hell of a mess…

You know what to do with that quick disconnect

~ Wiggle wiggle wiggle ~

I figured it out i never seen this style before and i worried for future modding incase something wears out or broke i paniced thanks guys.

Oh boy…

I don’t know how you guys do it sometimes.

I’d have locked this thread long ago.

For real. Any OP who ignores everything people who’ve been doing this stuff for years because he can’t figure it out, it’s like bro… go help yourself.


no need to be rude i only had stick a year or so and only changed buttons on a te2. nothing else.

I’ve was like you once so here’s some kinda friendly tips be sure to read them carefully because trust me you don’t want to be like i was when i first joined, you just don’t

EVERYONE in this section will likely be rude to you when you :

Don’t follow the guidelines: search before you make a post, google is your friend if you can’t find your answers use the absolute questions and anwers thread here:

Don’t follow basic rules that every goddamn forum with a edit button has

Bring a thread to having 30+ post because you can’t take off some stupid quickdisconnets it’s not rocket science! You just pull it off if it is stuck you use something to make lever like a small flathead screwdriver

Also make sure you take a good read of what is slagcoin? You might ask it’s basically a “how to not be an idiot when it comes to arcade sticks” guide trust me it’s worth every damn second of your time

/close troll thread

I didn’t even bother with helping him when he said that six people who have been modding for 12 years couldn’t do it. Like bro it’s ok to be a noob, you don’t need to make up some dumb shit in order to look less bad for us to help, and if you’re going to in a thread where everyone is telling you how easy it is its just going to make you look helpless past the point of anyone wanting to help you since you’d almost certainly break some shit.

hard to believe no one around me at the local arcade has never seen quick disconnects not disconnect quick every single stick had them easy tabs you can take off with your fingers in seconds

I had to litterally force these off with the screen driver and it looks sloppier then it did when i started.

@d3v I think you need to intervene here.