How am I suppose to get ready for EVO. Its my first time ever going to a tourney

I really need to understand what i need to do when i get to EVO.
1)How am i gonna get my pass
2)How do u know where to play when they are doing the tourney
3)What is the average cost for a Converter
any other tips would be useful

  1. There will be booths setup near the halls to get your badge and T-shirt.
  2. Brackets and schedule will be posted on the Evo site about a week before the event…so you can check when it’s made available.
  3. Dunno…ask in Tech Talk.

Have your arcade stick ready, come clean, and come positive.

first u practice. then u practice again. then u keep practicing. and then if ur smart enough and want to win enough, u practice some more

The main thing to remember is to have fun, when I first won a local tournament that was my main focus. Meet some people, enjoy yourself and try to take it as more of a learning experience more than anything!

Yeah, having fun is important. This is my first time entering and I just entered just because I live here and I think it is a good way for me to try to meet people(sad that Guilty Gear is not within the tournament line-up. :() And… trying to get myself involved in the FGC, so jumping into EVO (despite likely being eliminated first moment) seemed like a good idea.

money match everyone and dont remember when you lose

Eh, snack matches sounds more rewarding and interesting than money as far bonding goes.