How am I supposed to learn characters weaknesses?

When I try to ask for teambuilding help for umvc3 I never seem to get actual advice. So what way other then go online and get my ass kicked is their to learn characters weaknesses?

play the characters urself?.. just blindshooting here xD

Thats usually a good way to spot what works and what doesnt. Whatever you’ll struggle with when you’re playing that character should be what you aim to recreate when you’re playing against them.

(of course this is assuming you’d spend enough time to at least somewhat know what you’re doing with the character beforehand)


You could also just look at the charater in action and ask yourself questions like
Do they have slow normals? And what moves do I have that are faster.
Do they have poor range and what moves do I have that can out range them.
How slow is there dash? Does this character have mobilty issues I can take advantage of?
What space do they have trouble controlling and do I have a way to stay in that space?
Is this character better on the ground of in the air?

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That’s one very good way to do it, time-consuming, but effective. You play a character and you begin to feel firsthand what their strengths/weaknesses are.

Another way is just through trial and error. It helps to have another friends play those characters while you test stuff out, but another way to do it is to watch your own replays. It’s good to just watch a character to help identify their overall playstyle, and find out what tools they can use to land damage on you.

Like BlackShinobi said, just look at the actual data of the moves, figuring out which ones actually work well and which ones are punishable. But you also need to spend a lot of time in trail mode looking to see which assists you need to make combos work, and which characters you can actual preform combos with in order to get better. I would go through the character threads on the UMVC3 board for tips on team set ups to give you some ideas and then head into training mode.