How am I supposed to practice?

Your both missing the point, she just wants to know how she can find good competition when she isn’t finding it online, and she says she doesn’t have a local scene offline. The purpose of this subforum is for people like her to get guidance, not to have a bunch of people screaming ‘PLAY TO WIN!’ at her. She wants help to get better and level up her game; if all you are going to do is chide her, your input isn’t going to be helpful. Let’s give her some advice on finding better competition online, and encouragement and support in finding it online, instead of condecending bs :).

Did my smiley make it better?

If your internet is bad, then master your execution.

I can understand the OP’s frustration. I use Viper, and because people just uppercut upon waking, it becomes a habit to bait it out and punish. But then you play someone who has some sense and bam, your bad habits surface.

I’ve won too many matches by seismos online, and it doesn’t feel like I’m learning the right stuff. Rather, my opponents are idiots and will do a special or some other stupid thing upon wakeup.

Honestly, it’s not a big deal, though: you should be able to adapt to the real opponents quickly. That’s part of the game. The minute you know your opponent is an idiot, just role out easy style.

Also, I’ve had better matches in the nonranked areas of the game. Those places, people don’t mash for their life. Instead, I think they are trying to learn and aren’t afraid to take risks and improve. Ranked matches, it’s a panic-b####-fest. You might want to try nonranking matches.

“Offline? There isn’t much of a scene here. The only person I can play against regularly is my brother, and no offense to him, but he’s really bad, to the point where I’m constantly sandbagging. Nobody organizes any meetups here, and I definitely can’t do it.”

More crying. Assuming you can read a map and know the difference between Atlantic and Pacific and know your four cardinal directions you should be able to find a scene somewhere near you. Sorry I can’t read your mind and know where you live.

We should hold their hand because they can’t find the match making forum?

Well that’s your fault, get yourself out of those bad habits. Just because someone is playing stupid, doesn’t mean you have to spam one move the whole time.

Again, that’s your fault. If your opponents are pulling repetitive moves and you can read them, use some fucking combos and seriously punish them. Hell, if someone just spammed fireballs all match, I wouldn’t just roll my eyes and whack out one or two moves against them, I’d fuck their shit up. So should you. You’re whining about not having the opportunity to play better or learn more, but you’re given a golden opportunity to learn trickier shit and put combos into practice against an opponent who is predictable as hell and there you are telling yourself you shouldn’t even bother making the effort - roll out the easy style. If you went up against a pro player with your mentality, you wouldn’t learn anything, you’d rage and whine some more because you’re getting utterly hammered and not getting anything out of it.

The recommendation to pick up new characters was actually very good advice. Much easier to figure out what to do against various mixups/setups when you know what they are.

Aside from that, I really recommend watching lots of match vids. Very helpful in terms of seeing new setups (a lot of the time something will be easier to understand when you see it in action rather than just reading about it online), and more importantly seeing how the pros are responding to setups and whatnot from other characters.

If you don’t have a scene, try taking some initiative and set one up. Doesn’t take much more than starting a new thread here in most cases. Worse case scenario, you might have some driving ahead of you. If I wanna play GG or BB forreal, I gotta drive about 4 hrs either north or south of VA Beach. That’s just how it is some times, so you gotta figure out whether or not it’s worth your time. I won’t lie to you, it’s kinda a shitty situation, and that’s most of the reason I don’t play those fighters anymore.

My personal favorite option is to pick up a character that is like 99% offense, and pray that all the time you spend in training mode learning to do retarded shit pays off. Viper would prolly be your best bet here.

What the hell? I said you have to adapt! I never said I spam one move. Just that my final (winning) move always ends up being seismo because people wakeup and do shoryu or hadokens. Jesus…

I also said that the player has to adapt appropriately anyway. I took full responsibility, geez. I’m saying, against an opponent you already know in and out, there’s nothing to learn. If you’re saying to use an easy opponent like they are training mode fodder, well… duh?

FYI, I know it doesn’t mean much, but I’ve beaten the #1 BP El Fuerte and #6 Vega. I’m still in the 1500-1600 PP range, but I’ve taken down 3000 and 2000 people (not consistently). I’ve lost many more times against the same people, but my point is, I never complain. Just learn and move on…

You’re not going to learn how to play just practicing links in training mode. That’s like trying to learn to play basketball just by shooting free throws. SF4 is a game of knowledge and reading your opponents. If you really can’t find an offline scene in your city (unlikely unless you can’t drive) then you have to focus on learning what you can about matchups from threads and training mode. Instead of practicing links you can already do you should instead focus on learning new things every time you go into the training room. Use the record feature and learn different character’s options in different situations. It takes a bit longer than playing against intelligent opponents but it’s better than playing random players online.

Also you can just use the online matchmaking threads on SRK to find better opponents who won’t mash on every wakeup.

TL;DR: Training mode isn’t just for combos and online play isn’t just ranked matches with random players.

They are “mashing” shit on your wakeup because you are standing over them pressing buttons, dummies.

This thread is pointless. I already answered it in the first post. Unless the OP is going to state their location there is nothing more to do here.

There is always UYG if you ever want to improve. If you want better people online, then find SRKers through match making.

Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t see the matchmaking threads. I’ll try that out, and I’ll try some other suggestions, like playing in endless and watching pros play. Thanks to most of you for your suggestions. Just FYI, I live in the Jacksonville, FL area.

@booty clapper: Just stop. You are not helping in any way, shape or form.

AHAHAHA. Sorry, we aren’t here to hold your hand through everything. You need to learn to read and figure out how to obtain information on your own. You asked and stated a bunch of vague questions and rants. I answered them, you didn’t like my answer because you already had a predetermined one in your head that you expected.

Would this have been a better answer for you?

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Jacksonville is probably not the worst place to learn fighters. I’m in a rural Minnesota town of less than 500 people. We have a scene of two.

Find people online who play intelligently, add them to your friends list and get into Endless Lobbies with them in order to improve your game. This may be especially effective if you’re unable to find any semi-local comp.

No. Now stop.

You do realize that by responding to stupidity is like trying to fend off a hungry wolverine with armor made of steak, right?

Just don’t reply to this thread, and it will go away.

You realize that one of the biggest fighting game tournaments this year (CEO) was within driving distance of you right? Please don’t complain about no offline comp. You probably could’ve leveled up significantly just playing casuals that weekend.

I know. I went to CEO and played some, it was fun. But of course, I can’t exactly go to Orlando every other day.

Found the matchmaking thread though, so offline comp isn’t a problem anymore.

If a scene is what you lack, then try to make one… is what I would have said, but I just saw that the offline comp is not your prob anymore :slight_smile: