How And What To Do When In

I just picked up cody and watched all the tut videos and read a lot of threads. I have no idea what i should be doing when i get in, i just keep going for cross ups and jump ins and i few pokes and i like to get in with the ex zonk and the slide, other then that im pretty lost on how to attack. When they get downed i almost always go for a cross up or sometimes jump straight up.

I wanna know what else i should do besides my bnb cross up lp lp lp mp hp tornado… its hard to do much else.

counter hit setups are cool.
check out one of my matches

I like my counter hit setup at 3:35, I made it up all on my own, it’s a 3-frame trap
Although I didn’t finish the combo, I was trying to do CH cl.hp > cr.hp xx lk.RK but I did it too fast and did a jumping short.

make your own counter hit setups, it’s fun. Learn to read frame data

yeaaaaaaaaa… im not a tournement player, i don’t think i care to learn the frames and such, i make frame traps, but i just do that by throwing out what moves catch people for frame traps.

oh and thanx for the vid, i was looking for some codys to watch.

tick throws are overpowered in SSF4. use em. especially online. and then bait the reversals. online 101

LOL did you play super turbo?
They were inescapable unless you perfectly timed a 1-frame reversal.

okay maybe i was over exaggerating, hence i said “especially online”.

You could try baiting out reversals with a safe-jump neutral j.hp.

Other than that, just learn some more damaging, stun-heavy combos. The 3 lp’s are REALLY reducing your damage output. Also, keep in mind the uses for your different special moves: Hp Criminal Upper (damage), Lk Ruffian (hard knockdown), Mk Ruffian (spacing, pushing to the corner), Hk Ruffian (FADC out of and continue comboing).

Some beefier links that I like to use are:

St. Mp, Cr. Mp xx (special move): this link is SUPER easy with a slight amount of practice, and much better damage than 3x lp, cr. mp.
St. Mp, Cr. Hp xx (special move): a 1-frame link, making it decently difficult, but cody’s highest damaging two-hit link without a counter-hit.
St. Hp, Cr. Mp xx (special move): An easier link than the previous, and only does 10 less damage. A bit more dangerous to throw out on block, especially against fast reversal characters. (I use this alot more than the previous one, simply because it’s infinitely easier to pull off consistently).

If you do a cross-up, and they block it, following up with a st. mp (still being blocked) leaves you at a fantastic distance for a tick throw.

The new 3 frame cr. lk is a good frame trap after a blocked st. hp. And if buffered into Hp. Criminal Upper can land you some good, quick damage.

Also, teach yourself some good post-stun combos. My personal favorite thing to do is EX Rocks after a level 3 Focus Attack, and combo from there. Cr. Hp can combo easily after close-range EX Rocks. This can lead to some of cody’s more lengthy, flashy combos, as well as some awesome reset situations.

Here’s my personal favorite post stun combos, depending on meter:

1 bar, anywhere on the screen, lvl 3 FA, dash, EX Rocks, Cr. hp xx HP Criminal.
2 bars, anywhere on the screen, lvl 3 FA, dash, St. Hp, Cr. mp xx HK Ruffian, FADC, MK Ruffian
3 bars, anywhere on the screen, lvl 3 FA, dash, EX Rocks, Cr. hp xx HK Ruffian, FADC, MK Ruffian.
4 bars, anywhere on the screen, lvl 3 FA, dash, EX Rocks, Cr. hp xx HK Ruffian, FADC, f+hk, EX Criminal Upper. (I was really hoping that the new juggle point on f+hk in AE would make MK Ruffian after f+hk possible in this situation, but sadly, it doesn’t)

(this is where shit gets flashy)
1 bar, in the corner, lvl 3 FA, dash, EX Rocks, St. hp, Cr. mp xx HK Ruffian, HK Ruffian (yes you can land it twice in this combo, as the inclusion of the cr. mp pushes you far enough away that the first HK Ruffian hits late in its active frames)
2 bars, in the corner, lvl 3 FA, dash, St. Hp, Cr. mp xx HK Ruffian, FADC, f+mp, dash under, reset into cr. lk xx HP Criminal Upper
3 bars, in the corner, same combo as above but add EX Rocks after the FA.
4 bars, in the corner, same as the 1 bar corner combo, but FADC the 2nd HK Ruffian, then EX Criminal Upper. This combo is only for style points, or if the extra hits will end the match. I’m fairly certain that EX Criminal is the ONLY thing Cody has that will combo after two HK Ruffians (not even U1 does), and even then, it’s only the tornado that hits, not the fist.

Also keep in mind that, minus the last combo, you can replace anything after HK Ruffian FADC with Ultra 1, whether to save meter or tack on a scant extra damage, but anything more than about 4 or 5 hits prior will make U1 scale HORRIBLY.

Keep in mind, I’m predominantly an Ultra 1 Cody. There’s other goofy shit you can do with U2 that I can’t really go into.

Forgive that impromptu info dump. Hope you can use some of this information.