How Angry Do You Get?


…I got too angry when I played Street Fighter 4. I ended up throwing my arcade stick on the ground, and then I took the SF4 cd out of my PS3 and broke it with my bare hands.

Well, as you can see I won’t be playing SF4 anymore. I actually feel relieved. Anyways, my question is:

How angry do you get when you’re getting your ass handed to you at this game? Or when it feels like a matchup is just retardedly hard for you while it seems retardedly easy for the opponent?


I don’t get angry at all. It’s just a game, and I treat it like one.


I usually just say, “Fuuck, I should’ve done <some other action> instead of <what I actually did>.” And then I move on.

But breaking a $60 disc and throwing an expensive piece of equipment around? I’d never do that.


I just swear… a lot! And I definitely feel like smacking my opponent in the face so fucking hard that he’ll swallow his nose bone, but I took anger management sessions at work, and I manage it now by taking a deep breath and smoking a cigarette.

It happened once that I have bitten my controller until the plasitc cracks, but that was while playing a shmup, not fighting game.


I swear a lot and I’ll slam my fingers down on the buttons. Better than throwing the stick. Haha. I’m a sour loser at most times I’ll admit.


I don’t get angry very often. if I get frustrated I just take a break from the game for a little bit then go back.

When I worked at an arcade there was a dude with a real hot head. he was normally a nice guy, but when he lost or something he could get pissed. punching the controls. he lifted my machine once and tipped it to the wall, kicked a stool which landed on my foot. at another arcade he pounded the controls and everything stopped working for a bit, and he even kicked a hole in the wall.


ive done the occasional


Courtesy of Kara.

–Jay Snyder


Online play makes me punch my stick and yell at my tv and shit.

I stopped playing online, lol.





Angry enough to type posts on internet forums




I never used to care, but now that I have invested so much in this game, I get frustrated when I realize I am making the same mistakes.

I slap the shit out the buttons, but the anger is so short lived.

Wtf man you seriously ejected your disc and broke it?


I become very angry, which at all is not very helpful…

I destroyed my XBox360 headset (ripped it to about 8 pieces), but beside that I mostly scream. I would never lay hands on my TE stick. She’s my baby!


Where’s that one guy in the SFIV forums who threw his arcade stick into his TV because he got mad?

There’s another guy on here who messed up his hand after playing SFIV. Punched the ground I think.


I’ll be the first to admit that I am a poor sport. I can’t fucking stand losing. I fucking snapped the joystick off of my T5 stick one day because I was so mad and it was the nearest thing, on top of breaking other miscellaneous shit.

I have a friend teaching me Street Fighter 4 right now since I just bought it. Pretty much owns me while teaching me over Xbox Live. I go through fits where I just don’t want to talk to him, and just want to break shit. He says be patient because I’m not doing bad for just having bought the game about 6 days ago, and he’s right that I should chill out, but fuck I despise losing more than anything. I’m in the “There’s no such thing as a moral victory” camp. I understand to analyze where I went wrong, but fuck trying to find a silver lining.

I’m really trying to handle it, because there have been incidents before where I’ve been so mad about losing that I lose focus, and basically go into rage mode.

I probably have anger issues according to my old high school coach, and my fraternities president.

How would you guys recommend I handle getting over losing?


stop being a dingdong.


I’m usually pretty tame. Just swear a bit then tell myself to calm down. But the angriest I’ve gotten recently was playing MHFU. I swear I felt like breaking my PSP.


sometimes i swear but usually im really chillax when i play.
it takes a lot to piss me off.


This made me laugh irl.